Don't get stuck in the mud

Posted by: Cal on 16/04/2013

Category: Tyre Information

Different strokes for different folks, they say. Different tyres for different drivers, we say!

Today we want to get stuck into the dirty stuff - mud. If you spend a lot of time off road in the soft and squelchy stuff, then you are going to need different tyres from those who spend most of their time on the smooth highway.

Mud terrain tyres are made for you - and for traversing muddy ground surfaces while keeping you in control of your vehicle.

The most obvious characteristic of mud terrain tyres is their large and chunky tread pattern.

This is so-designed to be really good at developing traction in the mud, yet with big gaps so that the mud clears from the tread quickly.

They are also very tough tyres, with strong sidewalls which can absorb the tough impacts which can happen when driving off-road.

Mud terrain tyres are made specifically for off-road conditions, so they won't perform as well on the road as other types of tyres - including all terrain tyres.

That's because they can be noisy and suffer reduced grip and responsiveness on flat road surfaces.

Still, there is nothing better for when you are off-road in the soft stuff!