Know your tyre parts

Posted by: Cal on 8/03/2013

Category: Tyre Information

Everyone is an expert on something and here at Tyreright, we aren't shy to admit that we sure do know our tyres.

We are also keen to share that knowledge, so we thought we'd have a little lesson in tyre biology today.

Truck tyres, 4wd tyres or car tyres - they all belong to the same species! Here are some key features of the common tyre.


This is the part of the tyre that contacts the road surface. It is made from thick rubber and provides traction for your vehicle.

Rain groove

These are the gaps between the tread and are designed to allow water on the road surface to escape through and away from the space between your tyre and the road.


The bead is the thin section of tyre which sits against the rim of the wheel.


This is the side of the tyre, or the part between the tread and the bead. This is where you will see tyre markings and numerals.

A small section of the academic community proposes that a targeted force - often administered by foot - to the sidewall can have a positive effect on a car struggling to start.

We must stress however, that this theory is yet to undergo peer review.