What not to do when you get a flat tyre

Posted by: Cal on 24/02/2013

Category: Tyre Information

They say that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Let's add another to that list: flat car tyres!

With the unpredictability of road surfaces it pays to be prepared for when you get a flat tyre - so here are some things not to do when it happens to you.

Don't panic

It can be stressful to hear the pop or feel the drag of a deflated tyre while you are out in traffic, but it is important not to panic.

All you need to do is calmly and safely get your car somewhere that you can stop without endangering yourself or others - switch on your hazard lights to let other drivers know that you need a bit of space, and keep these on until you've changed your tyre.

Don't park on a hill

Make sure you park on a flat surface so that your car doesn't roll, avoid soft ground and make sure you are as far away from other traffic as possible.

Don't leave your spare tyre on

Once you've successfully replaced your flat with a spare tyre, your job isn't quite complete.

You need to get your tyre repaired without delay, as your spare tyre was not intended for anything other than emergency use.