Who has time to buy new tyres?

Posted by: Cal on 21/03/2013

Category: Tyre Information

If there is one thing that all Australians could probably claim to, it is being busy!

Work, study, kids, family, groceries, sports, friends, social events - we're surprised you have time to read this article!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having lots to do. It does make it easy however, to put off doing certain things you know you should get around to.

Usually near the top of this list is visiting the dentist, cleaning the guttering and reading those classics you've always meant to.

How about buying new tyres? For many of us, if our car seems to be running fine, it is tempting to just ignore it until something breaks.

In the case of your car, 4WD or truck tyres, that may not be the smartest strategy. If your tyres are in bad condition or are running low on tread, they could let you down out on the road and jeopardise your safety.

That's why ensuring their safety should never be something you are too busy for!

The great news is that if you do need to replace your tyres, you won't even need to reschedule your diary appointments.

That’s why we’ve created a simple 3-step online purchasing process at Tyreright. We know you’re busy and we want to help you get through your day with the minimum hassle.

For added peace of mind (and a little extra time up your sleeve) why not book in for one of our 30-minute guarantee times? We’ll have up to four tyres fitted and balanced and on your car within 30 minutes or you get $30 cashback!*

*Conditions apply; wheel alignment not included and 30-minute guarantee available at select times only.