How do you tell when you need new tyres?

Posted by: Cal on 11/02/2014

Category: Tyre Information

Getting new tyres fitted to your car can take a back seat when it comes to trying to tick other chores off the list. However, the quality of your car tyres should never be overlooked when it comes to driving performance and safety, and just like your vehicle's registration, they need replacing to ensure they're doing the job.

But how do you know when the time is right to replace them?

The first point of inspection when checking your tyres should be overall condition. If your tyres look visibly worn, uneven or damaged to your own eye, that's a good indicator that you should get them replaced. Cracks and exposed fabric are particular warning signs.

However, there are more specific ways to tell if your runabout needs a new set of wheels. We recommend you begin to consider replacing your four when they reach a tread depth of 3 mm or less. If your tyres are 1.5 mm in tread depth or less, there is no doubt that your tyres need replacing, and as quickly as possible. This is the Government recommended minimum legal tread depth in Australia and can affect the way your car handles on the road, particularly in hazardous conditions. 

Other signs that your tyres are past their use-by-date include uneven surface wear, and in extreme conditions you may notice a difference in the way the car feels on the road - this is a very dangerous sign and your tyres should be well replaced before this point.

Car tyres generally definitely need replacing after around five years of use, but if you notice any of the signs above occurring before this point it makes sense to get a new set sooner. When you're not sure if they need it or not, consult a trusted mechanic or tyre technician for tips.

If you want to avoid the hassle of getting them replaced every year - or even every few months, in some cases - it's best to get all four tyres replaced at the same time. This way, they should wear down relatively evenly and you will be able to guarantee they are all safe to run your daily errands on!

A set of new tyres is a necessary expense that keeps you and your family safer on the roads, no matter the conditions. Consider a brand such as bridgestone tyres or eldorado tyres that are known for quality products for the ultimate peace of mind.