In-Depth Review of GT Radial Champiro Range of Tyres

Posted by: Dan on 18/08/2015

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In-Depth Review: Meet the GT Radial Champiro Tyres

The GT Radial Champiro line of tyres is the ultimate choice for vehicle owners. Even considering their ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions, they still operate at a high-performance level for people who want to push their cars to the limits.

GT Radial Champiro BAX2 Choice May 2014

Drivers who face unpredictable driving conditions purchase the GT Radial Champiro Tyre to ensure their vehicle can handle the ups and downs of weather and road conditions. Because of their durability and handling, these tyres are incredibly popular with owners of both sports cars and sedans.

To find out if GT Radial Champiro Tyres are the right fit for you, check out this in-depth review on everything from their tread design to their overall safety

The Tread Design (And Why It Works)

GT Radial Champiro tyres’ tread design is asymmetrical to provide drivers with more control in all conditions, from year-round inclement weather to road damage.

Regardless of whether you’re driving through the snow in High Country or headed to work in Melbourne during a rainstorm, GT Radial Champiro tyres can handle any conditions with a thread of three or four wide circumference. The added lateral cross-cut groove and Z-sipes on the shoulder blocks keeps the tyres handling even in the most unpredictable weather conditions.

Variable Pitch Design

Easily navigate the roads thanks to the variable pitch design of GT Radial Champiro Tyres. Safety, performance and noise level are all issues most people don’t consider before purchasing a set of tyres. But GT Radial Champiro Tyres’ are designed to maintain their high level of endurance and performance while offering a quiet ride.

The Big, Pattern Block and Transverse Groove

A transverse groove allows for quick reaction time and handling, no matter what you’re trying to navigate. Many drivers are faced with obstacles and poor road conditions that make it necessary to quickly turn, weave or skid out of danger. Fortunately, Radial Champiro tyres ensure the grip stays in place to steady yourself and get back on course without missing a beat.

The tyre is designed with safety in mind

In almost five per cent of crashes, vehicles experienced tyre problems right before the accident occurs. Ensure your tyres were manufactured with safety and quality in mind. GT Radial Champiro is considered one of the safest on the road for a wide variety of conditions whether for business or pleasure. But which one should you choose? Here’s a round-up of the different GT Radial Champiro tyres to narrow your choices down:

  • GT Radial Champiro ECO: Great touring tyre for the holidays including long road trips. They do get a little loud when you start approaching 130 kph or more.

  • GT Radial Champiro 228: Another excellent tyre to use during a road trip. Users like the tyre for its ability to take off-roading and venture into the deserts and out on gravel roads.

  • GT Radial Champiro VP1: These are great budget tyres that offer plenty of tread and can even perform well in the snow and slush. These have a harder and noisier ride, but any snow-ready tyres are usually a bit louder than average.

  • GT Radial Champiro UHP1: This is a high-performance tyre that is great for Audi’s and other sports cars with an impressive amount of horsepower.     

  • GT Radial Champiro HPX: Get excellent grip and navigate the roads that will enable you to take on mountain roads. Not only that, with the HPX, you will enjoy quick stopping distances. All in all, a great sporty tyre.

  • GT Radial Champiro HPY: Reasonably priced tyres should have enough endurance to last a long time.

  • GT Radial CHAMPIRO WT AX: Get excellent off-roading ability for bad weather conditions. They are also comfortable and relatively noise-free in the summer, spring and autumn.

Whether you’re off-roading or taking a long, summer road trip, choose the best GT Radial Champiro tyres for your car and take advantage of some of the highest standards in the industry.

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