Mechanical Services

Fully qualified mechanical servicing 

Tyreright is much more than a tyre shop. In addition to tyre fitting, wheel alignments, and batteries, many of our stores carry out mechanical servicing.


Our licensed mechanics utilise all the latest equipment to service and repair your car, ute, truck, or 4WD to the highest standards, quickly and efficiently.


Our mechanical stores can do log-book servicing, rego checks, brakes, steering, suspensions and exhausts. They are also licensed to perform a range of vehicle inspections and safety certificate inspectionsAnd they don’t cut corners to save a few bucks. Tyreright only uses the highest quality oils and motor fluids, and the most trusted brands in parts and batteries.


If they discover any unexpected repairs are needed while they’re fixing or servicing your vehicle, they contact you before doing them. That’s because our team are not just great technicians, they’re also friendly locals who take the time to explain what needs to be done.


For obligation-free quotes, and speedy, reliable service, it’s Tyreright time – time to see the experts. 


*Please note not all Tyreright stores offer mechanical servicing.

Call your local Tyreright store to find out if they can assist your mechanical needs.