Tyre Tips

  1. Air

    Proper inflation is the single most important part of tyre care. It is the essential ingredient for keeping tyres in good condition, to provide optimum performance and give maximum life. It is air that keeps tyres fit and safe and carries the weight of the vehicle and its load, not the rubber or the casing material.

  2. Balanced tyres

    Balanced tyres are important for driving comfort and long tyre life. Unbalanced tyres cause vibration, resulting in driver fatigue, premature tyre wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle’s suspension. Tyres should be balanced when they are fitted to wheels for the first time or after repair.

    Have wheels and tyres balanced if there are signs of vibration, wheel wobble or patchy tyre wear. Tyres should be balanced about every 20,000km and vehicle alignment checked annually or every 25,000km.

  3. Tyres lose air

    Tyres lose air normally through the process of permeation. Changes in temperature can also affect the rate at which your tyres lose air. Generally speaking, a tyre could lose one or two pounds of air pressure per month in cool weather and even more in the heat.