Alloy Wheels

Nice alloy wheels can be a focal point on your car

Want to make your car stand out? It’s Tyreright time!

Alloy wheels are real head-turners, but they don’t just look good. Their magnesium/alloy composition makes them stronger and lighter. Compared to conventional wheels, they offer improved braking and handling, better fuel efficiency and increased tyre life.

Our friendly experts can help you find the right wheels, whether you’re looking for a custom set of alloys to impress on the street, or a set of hard-wearing workhorses to carry your ute on the farm.

We can provide quotes for custom tyre and wheel packages for almost any car, ute, 4WD, or SUV, with options that will suit your sense of style without breaking your budget.

And if you want to adjust the size of your wheels, we can ensure it is done within the safety guidelines.

 Time to change your wheels? Time to see the experts. Ask for an obligation free quote on a custom tyre and wheel package for your drive!