Beat the boredom of the commute

Posted by: Cal on 26/02/2013

Category: Community

Is your daily commute driving you around the bend? Being stuck in traffic is no one's idea of a good time, but having to deal with it day in and day out can be a real test of one's wits.

We suggest you switch off those annoying radio DJs and try these boredom-beating tips!

Learn another language

Why not download some beginner's language lessons to play while you make your way to and from work - most of us harbour dreams of being able to converse in another tongue.

The great thing is that learning French, Spanish or Mandarin benefits from daily exposure - so build up your skills by making a classroom of one each morning and afternoon.

Catch up on your reading

Another good use of your time each day in the car is to listen to an audiobook. Many people may find it hard to find time to read, yet with a talking book you can get your literature fix each day!


Instead of enduring the morning crawl on your own each day, share the ride with colleagues or others with whom you can talk the time away and not even notice the gridlock.