Three people you should never take on a roadtrip

Posted by: Cal on 1/02/2013

Category: Community

Many people might not realise that a road trip is a lot like a dinner party. It's all about who you invite!

Yet being stuck inside a car with undesirable co-travellers can be even more unbearable than having to sit beside an annoying dinner guest.

So pay attention and be careful not to take the following types of people on your next road trip!         

The back seat driver

You know how to drive - so why the need for constant instructions? Do yourself a favour and don't mention your upcoming trip around anyone you know who loves to yell critiques from the cheap seats.

Give them a bus ticket and tell them you'll meet them there!

The worry-wart

Do you feel like being asked every ten minutes if the oil level is alright, if the car tyres have enough pressure, or about that phantom strange engine noise that only one passenger seems to hear?

Probably not! Of course you'll be a good driver and ensure your vehicle and tyre maintenance is up to scratch - but you don't need someone else's irrational worries to ruin your fun!

The 'singer'

Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good sing-a-long. A bad sing-a-long, however, now that's a completely different story!