12 Amazing Things You Can Make With Recycled Tyres

Posted by: Dan on 16/02/2016

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When it’s time to get a new set of tyres, most people just discard the old set. That’s certainly an option, but an even better one is to explore some of the creative things you can do with recycled tyres around your home to give your old set a new lease on life.

From furniture and playground equipment, to garden beds and pet beds, recycled tyres can be reused in some fun and unique ways. Here are 12 amazing things you can make with recycled tyres.

1. Tyre Swing

For anyone looking to have fun in the sun, a tyre swing should be one of your top options. It’s simple to make – all you really need is a tyre, a tree, and some rope–- but it’s worthwhile to consider the (very fun) details before you begin.

Do you want the tyre to be facing vertically or horizontally? It is mainly adults or kids who will be using the swing? If it’s the latter, it’s best to use a vertical setup and a smaller tyre to ensure a more secure ride once in motion.

2. Tyre Wall

A tyre wall is another great way to provide fun for kids, but if you have a lot of spare tyres available, a tyre wall can also offer a great way for adults to exercise outdoors. You can use a tyre wall for climbing from top to bottom in repetitions, for lean-in push ups or upside down sit ups, and more.

3. Gym Equipment

Due to the size and shape of a conventional tyre, an old piece of rubber can serve as a great piece of at-home gym equipment that you can use for countless exercises. From hopping in and out (stack the tyres up on top of each other to increase the challenge), to lifting tyres to build muscle – or even using tyres for resistance training when sprinting – you’ll never need to visit a gym again if you repurpose your old tyres in this way.

4. Racing Barriers

When it’s time to retire them from the road, many tyres find new life in the racing world as barriers. Sure, if you’ve spent the weekend racing at Bathurst for Ford or Holden, you’ve probably got your safety needs covered. But for those who enjoy go-karts, bicycles, and other means of casual racing, tyres make a strong yet flexible barrier, and allow for a quick but safe stop in collisions.

5. Planters

Whether you’re planting a new shrub or tree in your garden – or indoors – a tyre can make a unique planter. It’s flexible, too – this type of planter is handy if you anticipate the need to move your shrub or tree in the future. Simply nail a timber board into the bottom of your tyre; then, once it’s filled with dirt, you’ll be able to move your planter as needed with the base secure at the bottom.

6. Sit-in Sofa

Using a tyre as a bean bag base is a great way to construct a piece of furniture that’ll go the distance. Unlike that bean bag sofa you had in high school – that worked well until it got a puncture – this type will last. Simply get a tyre, throw some pillows in it, and you’ve got a living room piece that will be comfy and sturdy for years to come.

7. Sandbox

This is one of the easiest ways to build a fun piece of outdoor playground equipment for your kids. Creating the sandbox is simple – just buy some sand and fill the tyre with it. But remember this rule in terms of your sandbox: the bigger it is, the better, especially if you’ve got kids who are growing quickly, like toddlers and kindergarteners. Look for the biggest tyre you can find, like a truck tyre. Get one large enough to keep up with your growing kids, and that tyre sandbox will have you set for many years of fun in your backyard.

8. Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of the easiest and simplest ways to reuse an old tyre. Simply cut the tyre in half, then cut around the edges of the wheelbase, and voila! You can now use the old tread as a floormat that comes with some great grip. You can also cut them down to size further for use as doorstops.

9. Bag Strap

A bag strap is a fun and fashionable way to show off your love of cars. Simply cut up the tyre like you would for creating a floormat, and then willow it down to the desired length. Next, punch some holes in either end to install hooks, and you’ve got a very unique and eclectic bag strap ready to use.

10. Pet Bed

A recycled tyre can also make for a great bed for your dog or cat, especially in the colder months. Place a pillow in the middle of the tyre, and then pack the inside wheelbase with some sheets or blankets to provide insulation.

11. Lamp

A lamp is one of the most interesting things you can make with a recycled tyre. Start by drilling a hole in the tyre, and then run a light bulb and cord through the middle. Hang it from the ceiling, and you have an industrial-style light fixture that is great for minimising harsh lighting. This type of tyre lamp is perfect for use in a garage or workshop, since it’s durable and provides a protective barrier, minimising the risk you’ll break the light as you move around.

12. Speakers

Tyres can serve as great insulation for your speakers, whether you’re just using one, or a few in a row. Various methods of installation and complex customisation exist, but a simple setup is also an attractive option. All you need to do is get your speaker, place it within the tyre, and then add some foam cushions (or even some pillows leftover from your bean bag sofa), and your speakers will be ready to pump out some pulsing sounds.

With 52 million tyres recycled each year in Australia, and over 1.7 billion new tyres produced each year around the globe, there’s certainly no shortage of supply when it comes to finding old tyres to build something creative with. These 12 ideas are a great starting point, but there are a multitude of other ways in which you can repurpose used tyres. All you need is an old tyre and a new idea.

What uses have you found for old tyres? Are you working on a project right now involving recycled tyres? Let us know in the comments below:

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