A wedding with a twist

Posted by: Cal on 20/12/2013

Category: General

Wedding themes are getting wilder and more creative as times goes by, so it's no surprise that some automotive enthusiasts have been finding ways to focus their days around their favourite things - cars!

From cake toppers right through to indulgent transportation options, there are so many parts of your special day that can be customised to include a bit of automobile ambiance.

Your grand entrance

This is the most obvious way to really make your cars a focal point of your day. Choosing the perfect car (or cars!) to transport you and your bridals party to the ceremony is tricky business, but it's bound to make a massive impact on wedding guests.

Model and classic car fans may be able to call in a favour from a friend or relative, or else hire a unique vintage vehicle from your local car club to pull up in at your venue. Imagine the admiring stares you'll get from passers-by as your cruise the streets in a classic Corvette or mint condition Mustang!

Flashy weddings will be complete with a car dripping with luxury. A shiny Bentley with gleaming chrome car tyres or a sleek Porsche convertible will have you arriving in style like the celebrity you are.

Make sure to take a photographer with you on this trip as it's likely to be one of the most spectacular parts of your day! Take shots outside the car before you set off, plus plenty inside from both the bride's perspective and that of a third person as you travel to the venue. Have the photographer exit the car first when you pull up to location so he or she can capture those fabulous moments when the bridal party climbs out of the cars and heads into the main event.


Repurpose truck tyres to create stunning rustic flower displays for outdoor weddings. Place these around your venue for a unique, feminine way to incorporate your love of all things auto into your big event.

Simply attach some vintage table legs to the bottom of the tyre to make it a standing work of art, and fill the centre with wild flowers in whatever style and colour you desire. Your guests will love this creative touch, and the best part is you can reuse them around your home long after the wedding is over. They'll look great nestled amongst your garden.

Table centrepieces or placeholders could have a licence plate theme spelling out the name of the table. This would also work for individual place cards, showing guests to their seat with their very own personalised mini licence place.

Invitations can also carry your car theme, whether it's through images of your favourite models, a witty play on words to include automotive jargon or tyre tracks running along the top and bottom of the page. If this seems a bit much for you, you could simply include the colours of your favourite racing team as a subtle nod to your passion.


Your wedding playlist is another opportunity for you to showcase your love or cars and driving, plus it allows guests to let loose on the dancefloor! There are hundreds of songs that would be just perfect on an auto playlist, but here's a selection of some of the best:

"Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean
"Drive (Who's Gonna Drive You Home?)" by The Cars
"Car Wash" by Rose Royce
"Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett
"Ridin' Dirty" by Chamillionaire