Are your tyres ready for off-roading?

Posted by: Cal on 19/04/2013

Category: General

Ah, the road. It’s long. And straight. And smooth. Now if you dozed off at some point in the past five seconds, chances are that you’re an off-roader!

We are blessed with some amazing off-road tracks in Australia so no one can blame you for wanting to get off the smooth stuff and into the action.

Before you head out though, don’t forget to do some checks that may help prevent one of the most common off-road problems - tyre trouble.

Make sure your 4WD tyres are ready for the trip by checking their condition before each off-roading adventure.

Check for any damage to the tread or sidewall that may require repairs or nails or pieces of glass that need removing.

Check that the tread itself is sufficient and that there is nothing blocking the lugs.

Next up make sure all of your tyres - including the spare - have the correct air pressure.

Often it is preferable to have lower tyre pressure when off-roading, particularly when on very soft surfaces like sand and mud.

If this is the case, be sure to deflate your tyres when they are cold - and don’t forget to inflate them again once your trip is over!