Clean your car like a pro: exterior

Posted by: Cal on 3/05/2013

Category: General

Is your car's exterior looking a bit worse for wear? Whether you've been hitting the off-road tracks or simply driving around the concrete jungle, it's amazing how quickly dirt and grime can appear.

Fight back with this simple car wash routine to get your baby turning heads once more!


Start with your wheels and tyres. Whether you have all terrain tyres or standard passenger car tyres, they can pick up all sorts of gunk and grime.

Wet the tyres, spray them with a tyre cleaner and then scrub them well and rinse.

Car body

Now get the hose and spray down your entire car so it's nice and wet. This is where the elbow grease comes in!

Using a bucket of water and car washing detergent, work your way around the car, washing each surface, and rinse when you are finished.


When the car is nearly dry again, use a chamois to get rid of any last moisture, and then use a quality wax to make it shine.

Wax really takes one for the team and absorbs stains and small scratches - until it wears off after a few months, so reapply each season!


Lastly, use a glass cleaner as well as a microfibre cloth to give your windows and windscreen the shine of their life.

Next up: the interior - but that's another story. Take a break, you've earned it!