Easter road trip car checks

Posted by: Cal on 27/03/2013

Category: General

If you are planning a road trip this Easter, it’s important that your vehicle is in tip-top shape.

After all, the last thing anyone wants to deal with on a holiday is car problems!

So make sure you get in the routine of doing a few basic checks before heading out on the road.

Your car is a thirsty animal – so don’t forget to make sure it has lots to drink.

Even if they only require a tiny bit more, it is important that your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and windscreen washer water are topped up and ready for a big drive. And don’t forget to fill up on petrol too!

Once the fluids are looking good, check the air pressure in your car tyres – do this when they are cold or haven’t been driven on much – and fully inflate them ahead of your trip.

Make sure also that each tyre is in good condition by checking that tread is not too worn and that there is no visible damage to sidewalls or valves.

If your tyres aren’t looking good, it might be time to replace them – it’s better to be safe than sorry out on the road.

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