First time towing a trailer - things to remember

Posted by: Cal on 6/05/2013

Category: General

If you've never towed a trailer before, the first time can be an intimidating experience.

Images flash through your mind of losing control or getting terribly mixed up when reversing.

Yet being able to tow a trailer is a great skill to have and can come in handy in countless situations, from moving house to taking a load to the rubbish dump.

Here are some important things to remember the first time.

It's not the same as driving a car

Sure, you're in your car driving, yet with a trailer attached you aren't driving a car - you're driving two vehicles.

That additional weight and length means you need to give yourself more room to do everything.

Take it slowly

You'll take longer to get up to speed and will also need to brake earlier than you usually would.

IN addition, your trailer won't follow your car exactly, but will cut corners a bit when you turn - so make sure you arc wider than normal when cornering.

Tyre pressure

Check your car or 4WD tyres are in good condition and aren't under inflated.

Just as important as checking your own tyres have the correct pressure, is checking those on the trailer you are towing - if you are going on a long trip, check these regularly.