Four wheel drive tyre tips

Posted by: Cal on 12/08/2013

Category: General

A number of Aussies love to get out and about on their 4wd tyres for a true dose of adventure in the outdoors. However, when you're driving in more rugged and outdoorsy conditions it's extra important that you check up on your car tyre conditions, so you don't end up in any spots of difficulty.

Before and after heading out on your adventure into the wilderness, it pays to check up on the following.

Under pressure

Make sure your tyre pressure is spot on. Your user manual should tell you what the ideal pressure is. Under-inflated tyres can compromise your safety as well as your car's efficiency, so it's always better to double check.

Any damage?

Make sure you have a look for any damage to your tyres before you hit the road, or head off-road. If you see any punctures or a strange-looking alignment then get things properly checked out before you go.

Drive carefully

Just because you might be heading off-road in your four wheel drive doesn't mean you can go crazy! Always avoid hitting or scraping against hard objects and use your common sense. This way, your tyres will last longer and you'll be safer - a win-win situation.