Get ready for a road trip with your kids

Posted by: Cal on 24/09/2013

Category: General

Heading out on a road trip with young children is a bit different to just hopping in a car and taking off.

Travelling with kids takes a bit more preparation, so make sure that you've got a few things sorted beforehand.

Here is some advice on how you can prep for a trip with the children without going too crazy.

Safety first

As always, safety is a priority. Make sure that you've got everything your child needs. This might mean a child's car seat, bottle, nappies and more. Anything you would need for your baby at home, you will need to bring with you. Don't forget snacks! These are vital for keeping a child happy.

If you're using a car seat, give it a check over before you leave to make sure it's still working correctly and isn't damaged. Ensure that your car is road worthy - preferably you would have had a full service recently.

Always give your car tyres a check over before you head off, to check that there are no punctures and that they're at the correct pressure and tread.

Pack the essentials for where you're headed

Not only will you need supplies for your child for the journey, you will also make sure you have everything they need once you arrive at your destination.

Have you phoned your accommodation provider to check what kind of bedding they have, or will you need to bring your own portable cot?

Because the weather is heating up, you will also need to have the right kind of clothing. Bring along your wee one's bathing suit and rash shirt, and remember sunblock and sunglasses too, to protect them against the sun's rays.

Spare nappies, if your child still uses them, are a must. Or at least know that you will able to buy some on the go, which definitely won't always be in the case in some of the most rural areas.

A few changes of clothes will be necessary, as well as a bib for meal times. You might even want to bring your own laundry soap so that you can wash any soiled clothes yourself in a hotel room sink, as you never know what kind of accidents may happen when there are kids around.

The entertainment factor

Don't forget about keeping your wee one entertained, especially when it comes to a long car trip. Keep a couple of favourite toys in the car so that your little one can play.

Plus, it's always a good idea to have some of their favourite songs on a CD to keep them happy - even if the alphabet song has driven you insane by the end of the drive!

You will definitely want to have a few fun games up your sleeve, too. Depending on the age of your child, 'I Spy' can definitely work a treat - at least for a few minutes.

You can also count coloured cars, name words beginning with certain letters of the alphabet (this one's educational, too!) or practise spelling. Of course, if you're really out of ideas, the 'see who can be the quietest' game is known to work a treat.

In general, take as many breaks as you need. If you're starting to feel tired or frustrated, pull over and take a nap or a re-energising stroll.

While it might be stressful at times, travelling as a family can be a whole lot of fun and make some great memories, so enjoy!