It's cool to save on fuel!

Posted by: Cal on 20/06/2013

Category: General

When it comes to grudge purchases, fuel for the car would have to be near the top of the list.

Yet if you have a car, it is pretty hard to avoid the stuff! The best you can do is reduce your consumption as much as possible.

Here are some ways to find yourself some savings on your weekly fuel spend!

Pump those tyres up

Checking your air pressure regularly isn't just an essential part of tyre maintenance - it can help you to boost your fuel efficiency!

In fact, simply ensuring your tyres are properly inflated can have a big effect on your fuel consumption.

It doesn't take much checking either - once a week ideally, but a couple of times a month is just as good.

Get a wheel alignment

While we're on the topic of tyres, know that a wheel alignment can help contribute to fuel savings too.

When your wheels are properly aligned, they won't pull to the left or right, but will roll smoothly with minimum resistance.

Clean the car

It may surprise you to learn that, in fact, the myth about cleaner cars going faster than dirty ones is actually… false.

Yep, it's just a bunch of malarkey. However, if while cleaning your car you happen to get rid of all that stuff you've been collecting on the backseat, or in the boot, you could just get more bang for your buck at the fuel pump.

It's simple physics really: with less weight to move, your engine will need less fuel to get you going.

Take it easy on the engine

As tempting as it may be to put your foot to the floor at every green light, constantly pushing the revs to the limit can really sap your petrol.

Try putting on some classical music and imagining yourself as a graceful swan, gliding from one side of the lake to the other, barely leaving a ripple on its surface.

Or forget the swan and just accelerate more smoothly!

Get out and walk!

And if time really isn't an issue, why not try another form of transport?

Sure it can be great commuting to work each day in the privacy of your own vehicle, but perhaps you could save big time by taking the bus or the train instead.

Even for those trips down the road to the shops, why not go for a leisurely stroll? You'll get some free exercise and you can even check your smartphone (legally) on the way.