Learn from the pros - tyre maintenance strategy

Posted by: Cal on 19/03/2013

Category: General

The recent Australian Grand Prix got us thinking about the importance of a good tyre maintenance strategy.

It was clear to see that the superior pit stop plan of Kimi Raikkonen and the Lotus team was pivotal in their victory at Albert Park.

With just two stops during the race's 58 laps, the Finn was able to cross the line ahead of his competitors, the majority of whom had to stop three times.

There is a lesson here for Australian drivers to take away - and it's not that you should race the other road users!

Rather, by taking care of your tyres and planning a good maintenance strategy, you can boost your performance and safety on the roads.

For example, a regular tyre rotation can prevent your tyres from wearing unevenly. By promoting a more even tread wear pattern, you can boost the life and the performance of your tyres.

We recommend you rotate your tyres every 10,000 km. We even offer a free rotation reminder service to make it easier to remember!

Coupled with regular tyre condition and air pressure checks, this can set you up for a podium finish when it comes to tyre performance and safety.