Light commercial drivers go further than everyone else

Posted by: Cal on 17/05/2013

Category: General

We've already reported that collectively, us Aussies drove to the moon and back more than 300,000 times last year.

Well we could have anyway, given that we travelled approximately 232,000 million kilometres in 2012.

That's an interesting bit of info, but if you're like us, you were probably wondering who was doing most of the hard work!

Did small cars do most of the hard yards or did their bigger brethren take the lead?

According to Roy Morgan Research, the real hard workers when it comes to vehicle class are light commercials.

The research firm revealed this month that between March 2012 and February 2013, vans, utes and small trucks took the prize for the most kilometres travelled by far.

Light commercial drivers notched up an average of 24,030 km a year, followed by larger SUV drivers with 18,350 km on average.

By contrast, the average mileage across all drivers was 15,530 km.

"Not surprisingly, drivers of light commercial vehicles travel almost 10,000 km further than the average Australian driver, no doubt due to the fact that driving is an integral part of their work routine," said Roy Morgan Research industry communications director Norman Morris in a statement.

With so much distance to cover, we wouldn't be surprised either if fleet operators took a big interest in tyre performance as keeping tyres correctly inflated and in good condition can significantly affect fuel economy!