RACV issues pothole warning for Easter drivers

Posted by: Cal on 22/03/2013

Category: General

With Easter weekend approaching, motorists have been urged to embark on a hunt of a different sort - for dangerous potholes.

The RACV has called on council and state government agencies to make sure there are warning signs in place to alert drivers on the upcoming holiday of poor road conditions.

With many expected to take the roads over the upcoming long weekend, safety should be a priority, according to RACV manager roads and traffic Dave Jones.

"Motorists must take extra care, particularly in high speed locations, when overtaking, or if towing a trailer, van or boat," said Mr Jones in a March 21 statement.

The RACV have been running a Pothole Patrol campaign in which the encourage the public to send in pictures of potholes and other poor road conditions.

Mr Jones said that when roads were in a bad state, there was an increased likelihood of crashes and vehicle damage, and that drivers needed to be on the lookout.

"It's important to watch your speed and drive to match the conditions of the road. Potholes form quickly so road conditions can change rapidly."

Proper tyre maintenance can help your vehicle negotiate uneven surfaces better, but in the interests of tyre safety, it is better to avoid driving through potholes altogether.