Treat yourself or your loved ones to a new set of tyres this silly season

Posted by: Cal on 17/12/2013

Category: General

If you're scratching your head over the perfect gift to present to your partner, parent or even something to spoil yourself with, why not opt for a brand new set of car tyres?

With our online selector, it's never been easier to find the perfect set for particular cars. All you need to know is the manufacturer, year, model and grade to get a range of tyres at your fingertips. Then you just need to choose what level of tyre performance is best for the vehicle!

New tyres don't just benefit the car's driver - they're also a treat for passengers in the car, who will experience a smoother, safer ride with well-maintained tyres. Any tyres with low tread levels, or unusual tread wear, should be replaced, as this can lead to accidents. Therefore, new tyres may also be a Christmas gift to other drivers on the road who are spared from any mishaps caused by old tyres.

Anyone with a an off-road vehicle will benefit from special all-terrain or mud 4WD tyres. This allows drivers to take these purpose-built machines off the roads and onto rocky, sandy or muddy surfaces - perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.