Watch your speed on the roads this season

Posted by: Cal on 30/12/2013

Category: General

Western Australian motorists are being urged to be mindful of their speed in the summer months in a new campaign spearheaded by PerthNow and The Sunday Times.

The Summer Slowdown campaign is backed by Dr Sudhakar Rao, head of trauma at Royal Perth Hospital, who told PerthNow that all many drivers need to do to stay safe on the roads is reduce their speed.

Collisions that occur when vehicles are travelling between 80 and 100 km/h km/hr are much more likely to result in internal organ damage or fatalities than when cars are travelling at slower speeds, such as 50 or 60 km/hr. Your car tyres will also always have a maximum permissible speed, which you should be well aware of before you take to the roads.

Drivers, he added, should always opt for vehicles with the highest possible safety rating, wear their seatbelt every time they are in the car and ensure they keep to the posted speed limit.

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained can also help ensure you remain safe on the roads all year round. Ensure you check your car tyres regularly for general wear and tear, and to make sure they are inflated to the right tyre pressure.