Weekly car maintenance checks

Posted by: Cal on 12/03/2013

Category: General

Your car is a pretty amazing piece of machinery, and compared to years gone by, requires remarkably little maintenance on your part.

That said, there are several things car owners would be well advised to do on a regular basis just to ensure their vehicle is running in optimum conditions.

Here's a quick list that you can follow for your weekly car checks!

Water and oil

If your engine had no water to cool it or oil to lubricate its moving parts, you wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry!

That's why it is important to check your engine oil level and your water level regularly.

A great idea is to get in the habit of doing this each time you fill your car up with petrol.


Windscreen wipers will wear down over time, and when they do they can mark the windscreen or become less effective, so be sure to check yours from time to time.


Good and regular tyre checks will really pay off with excellent tyre performance, which can make your ride smoother and boost fuel efficiency.

Ensure your tyres are fully inflated - check them when they are cold - and also look for tread wear and other signs of damage.