Australians are less interested in locally made cars

Posted by: Cal on 13/03/2014

Category: General

While once upon a time local cars were the only option for new car buyers, expanding markets have provided more options in the form of cars made overseas and a plethora of models.

It seems that this increase in options has resulted in a decline in interest for Australian-made cars, with the number of new car buyers looking to buy local-made cars dropping significantly over the past decade.

This comes according to new research from Roy Morgan Research, in a study of Australian car-buying preferences. The results showed the number of Australians looking to buy a new car that is made in Australia has dropped from one in four in 2003 to one in eight in 2013. 

Automotive Group Account Director of Roy Morgan, Jordan Pakes, suggests that this decline could be due to increase in choice and changing consumer preferences.

"One important factor influencing shifts in preference is the sheer increase in options for Australians. The number of brands available for purchase has increased by almost 25 per cent since 2003...An Australian new car buyer now chooses from over 350 vehicles", Mr Pakes said.

Interestingly, the most popular Aussie-made car remains the Holden Commodore, with 4 per cent of those intending to buy a new car placing it at the top of their list. However, the number of buyers wanting Holden Commodores in 2003 was similar to the entire number of those wanting locally-made cars at all in 2013.

Coming in second was the Holden Cruze, at 2.4 per cent, and the Toyota Camry/Vienta was also popular, though was knocked out of second place for the first time by the Cruze.

SUV's are continually increasing in popularity, with this car market overtaking 'large cars' in terms of vogue. This means plenty more need for quality 4x4 tyres!

Small cars are also a popular choice for new car buyers in Australia.

Mr Pakes stated, "over the last 10 years, Australian car buying preferences have changed substantially – with the small car market in Australia now clearly the dominant segment with 1 in 4 new car buyers considering a model from this class. SUVs are also taking share from the once-dominant large car segment, with more than 20% of buyers now after either a Medium or Large SUV."

Whatever your choice in new car, whether international or locally-made (we won't judge), the fact remains that you'll always need to invest in some reliable car tyres to ensure you run smoothly on the road - perhaps try a brand such as Eldorado tyres.