Heading bush? Top 4WD tyre tips

Posted by: Cal on 29/08/2014

Category: General

Now the evenings are beginning to lighten up, many drivers will be wanting to take their 4WD tyres out for a spin and into the great outdoors.

The lighter sky doesn't make traversing these conditions any easier so it is vitally important to check the state of your tyres before heading out. 

Here are three tyre requirements it pays to check before heading out for that late-winter adventure.

1) Tyre damage

Make sure to investigate for any damage before heading too far into the bush. If you spot any inconsistencies or the alignment feels out of place, then take your 4WD in for maintenance.

2) Tyre pressure

If you haven't driven your 4WD in some time, the tyre pressure may have gone down. Under-inflated tyres are a risk to your safety and burn fuel much faster.

Not checking tyre pressure could turn your adventure into a rescue mission!

3) Safe driving

Although your tyres are made to last and perform in the toughest of conditions, this is no excuse to drive excessively fast or take the 4WD into unmapped territory. You should also avoid hitting or knocking the tyres against hard objects like rocks or trees stumps.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the adventure and your tyres will last longer as a result.