How to choose the right tyres for your car

Posted by: Cal on 18/07/2014

Category: General

Kitting out your car with the best tyres to suit your needs is one of the most important things you can do for your safety, but with all types of models available, how can you chose the right set?

Here are some tips to ensure you have the correct tyres fitted to your car.

Find the right size

This should be one of the first considerations you make before buying tyres online. There's no point trying to fit monster truck wheels to a mini, after all. To determine what size your tyres are, check your owner's manual or inside the fuel flap.

You may also find this measurement on your existing tyre's sidewall. It is used to protect your car from impact with the curb and features important information that will highlight areas of importance where your tyre is concerned.

Think about the rain

The temperature and conditions you drive in can affect your tyre choice - for instance, if you live in an area that experiences a wet season, you may want to choose tyres with a higher groove to tread ratio as this can increase the amount of water evacuated by the tyre.

The siping is also important as this can help to dry the ground by acting as a windscreen wiper, so the rubber can better grip the road.

Big city life

Do you spend the vast majority of the time cruising around in the city? You may have entirely different needs to a rural driver where your tyres are concerned.

City drivers need tyres that can cope with abrupt breaking. As anyone in a major metropolis can tell you, there are plenty of hazards in the city that will cause you to brake quickly, such as pedestrians crossing without looking, other motorists cutting you off and buses being in the wrong lane. This means you need a set of tyres with minimum braking distance on both wet and dry roads.

You may also need to stop and start more often than country drivers, so you will need to choose tyres that have a long longevity as these constant sliding and contact pressure of stop start driving may cause some of the rubber to scrape off.

Passing time on the motorway

If you live further from the CBD, you may spend some time driving along the main roads or motorways to get to your next destination. This means your car tyres will need to cope with braking at a high speed in all weather conditions.

Choose a high-performance tyre that can better hold the road, and minimise the vibration and noise level. You will feel much more comfortable on a long trip if you keep this in mind!

Heading off the beaten path?

If you plan on doing some off-road driving, you will need to choose 4x4 tyres that can ensure you get the most of your driving experience. These are specially designed to deal with mud, sand and water so no matter the adventure, you will be prepared.

When you head out to the open road, remember to also keep an eye on your driving technique as this can also impact your tyre's performance. 

Save or spend?

Your tyres are not a place where you want to be thinking of your wallet. Investing in a good quality pair of tyres will ensure you go the distance and are prepared for whatever comes at you.

Often the pricier versions made by leading brand manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Nokian, Pirelli, Aldorado and Runway will be made from higher quality rubber compounds and benefit from computerised tyre construction design so they are able to provide better tyre performance no matter the conditions.