How to throw a car wash to raise money

Posted by: Cal on 20/06/2014

Category: General

Whether you're raising money for a local sports team, university funds or a national charity, a car wash is a great way to attract a bunch of different people for a straightforward and appreciated service. Groups have been holding car washes for years as they are simple, cost-effective and a great way to advertise your cause to a big audience.

Whatever your plans, be sure to deliver first-class service that will have customers smiling from ear to ear. Give windscreens a good scrub, spray down the bonnet and get those tyres shining!

Here are our tips to hosting a seamless car wash fundraiser to help reach your goals.

1. Get noticed

You need to advertise to get people involved - so get crafty! Make up lots of different signs to prop up, hold up and wave about before and during the car wash. You may want to post flyers in the days or weeks leading up to the event or stick to the good, old-fashioned tradition of beckoning punters with a big, hand-made sign on the side of the road.

2. All hands on deck

Work out who in your team (or your friend group) is going to chip in. We recommend around five individuals to get involved in the cleaning process, as this creates an efficient, well-oiled outfit that can get the job done fast and to a great standard. Get the most outgoing and charismatic of the group holding up the sign on the roadside, unabashedly calling over potential customers in a friendly way whilst letting everyone know what the car wash is for.

3. Location, location, location!

This is the make or break factor of any car wash. Set up shop on a busy street corner or any other large, open space that often has drivers going past - if they haven't seen your signs, they'll certainly see you all getting stuck in and doing an excellent job! 

4. Price point

Donations left up to the discretion of the driver are a polite option, but it's important to remember this is a business! Don't set a price so high that everyone will drive past, but don't set it so low that your hard work barely accounts for anything. $5 is the general rule of thumb for car washes, as it's an amount most people carry and find to be great value for this kind of service - plus, it adds up pretty fast in your pocket!