The best car movies of all time

Posted by: Cal on 14/01/2014

Category: General

Motor enthusiasts and those who simply drive for convenience will all enjoy watching a good car movie or two. Whether it's a full-on racing flick or a rom-com that just so happens to feature driving, let's take a look at some of the best car movies of all time.

Back to the Future

This movie is an absolute classic, featuring a time-travelling Michael J Fox starring in the lead. The twist on this, however, is that Marty McFly's travel machine of choice was his car - a 1981 Delorean DMC, to be precise.

The stainless steel machine carried a 2.9 litre v6 engine, which was later replaced with a v8 to help McFly fly back into the past. Currently a DeLorean Motor Company exists to restore and improve the classic automobiles, from their flashy paint job right down to their car tyres. This bad boy is bound to take you back to the future, even if only aesthetically.

The Fast and the Furious

This is possibly the most popular car film franchise of all time, featuring a huge array of some of the flashiest and fastest cars ever. Starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel along with a host of other celebrities, this is the movie that taught audiences about NOS and helped span the eponymous energy drink.

Everything from a 1970 Dodge Charger through to a showy 2012 Lucra LC470 feature throughout the films, so keep your eyes peeled for fast cars, bright lights and plenty of action.

Mad Max

This cult favourite Australian flick had audiences going crazy for the 1978 XB GT Ford Falcon that never quite made it to American shores. In real life, the car got its power from a 351-cid v8, however in the movie it was transformed with a new nose, flares emblazoned on its body and huge tyres. It also featured an (unfortunately fake) supercharger that saw the car reach dizzyingly high speeds.

Batman Begins

Any variation of the Batmobile is going to be cool, but the Batmobile Tumbler featured in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight may just take the cake. The car exists in real life, and is famed for its tough, militant design and Chevy v8 power. The car can travel to 60mph in five seconds, despite huge 37 inch off-road tyres.