What motorists should know about rain

Posted by: Cal on 16/07/2014

Category: General

If you have driven in a sudden downpour before, you will know the importance of a good set of tyres to keep you safe.

Here are a few other tips to ensure you are prepared when you are behind the wheel while it is raining.

Slow down

The rubber and oil on the road can create slippery conditions perfect for skids. In order to avoid this, make sure you slow down a little.

A slower pace will let your tyre's performance shine through as the tread will be able to make more contact with the road, improving traction.

Not only that but rain will increase your stopping distances. 

Increase your following distances

As well as maintaining a slower speed, it is also important to ensure you leave plenty of space in front of you should you need to stop in a hurry. 

This may help prevent an accident and keep you safe. 

You may want to give trucks and buses extra distance, as their larger tyres can create more spray that may block your vision. 

What you should do if you skid

Even the most careful driver can experience a skid. In this instance, what you need to do to recover is apply the brakes gently with firm and steady pressure. Make sure to steer your car in the direction of the skid.

Drive in the tracks

Where possible, drive in the tracks the car ahead of you, as it would have cleared a path in the rain.

Avoid off-roading

You never know how deep puddles actually are, particularly when they are off the beaten track. Even if you are driving in an SUV, it is essential you stick to the roads as you don't want to become stuck.

Turn your headlights on

If visibility is likely to be an issue, make sure you turn your lights on, so you can see and be seen by other motorists.

In fog, remember to dip your lights so the glare doesn't reflect back at you, obscuring our view.

Don't use cruise control

If you hydroplane, there's a chance your automatic speed control could cause you to accelerate, which can lead to more trouble.

Instead, make sure your attention is completely focused on the task at hand.

Watch out for pedestrians

Make sure you keep an eye out for people crossing the road, particularly those with hoods on or earphones in as they may not hear the noise of your engine and start to cross the road without looking.