Tyreright V8 Supercar Simulator

Posted by: Dan on 18/03/2015

Category: General

The Tyreright V8 Supercar Simulator offers you the opportunity to experience the thrills of driving a V8 Supercar without any of the risks. Motorsport fans young and old will love the opportunity to tackle some of the most famous racing circuits around, immersed in the virtual driving experience. Compete for the fastest lap times and race your mates! Keep an eye on the upcoming events below to find out when the simulator will be close to you.


2015 SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW: 26 March - 8th April

Tyreright Royal Easter Show 2015

The Tyreright V8 Simulator will again be on show at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show. This year you can find us in the Sport & Adventure section in the main stadium. There will be prices up for grabs to the fastest lap times so come along and give it a shot.

Tyreright Royal Easter Show 2015