8 Reasons You Should Get a Convertible

Posted by: Dan on 11/08/2016

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When it comes to buying a new car, the process seems pretty straightforward when you first start to think about it. But once you get into the details, it can begin to feel a little daunting. This can be especially true when you’re looking at buying a convertible.

Sure, they are extremely visually appealing – and you’ve had the idea of owning one “some day” for quite some time now. But you may still feel a little unsure as you weigh up the pros and cons.

Rather than be dull and tell you to once again go and buy that sensible and straightforward ride, why not have a little fun and explore the options?

Here are 8 reasons why you need a convertible in your life.

1. You know driving is not just A to B

If you’re thinking of buying a convertible, it’s not because you’re looking to just get from Point A to Point B. Those who are considering a purchase like this have more than just transport in mind. For you, buying a vehicle is more about the journey than the destination.

By buying a sleek sports car, you’ll turn your commute into a fun and joyful experience every single day. Sure, you may not be delighted to get stuck in a traffic jam – but when it happens in such a stylish vehicle, you probably won’t mind (too much), since it gives you the chance to enjoy your car that little bit longer.

2. You’ll engage with motoring more

Similar to how a great pair of runners or a new bike can inspire you to engage more in fitness, so too can a fun and inspiring vehicle help you enjoy motoring more. Humble commuter cars that get the job done have their place, for certain. But if you love motoring, then having a cool car to complement your passion is a must.

What’s more, rather than just being a fun-filled experience, when you drive a beautiful car the odds are strong that you’ll be taking the time to consciously build your driving experience and knowledge. From ensuring that your ride gets regular maintenance, to having all the best apps for driving installed on your phone, a convertible can give your driving skills a new lease on life.

3. You can join car clubs

When you’ve got a cool car, there is no shortage of clubs you can join. By no means does this suggest that you need have the latest and greatest ride – there are “old bomb” car clubs for those who adore a dated or dorky ride – but buying a sports car makes it instantly easier to find like-minded enthusiasts who share a love of the two-seater and open-top form of driving.

4. Efficiency

This may sound counterintuitive at first, but a convertible forces you to prioritise your daily life, just like being a bike commuter does. Rather than having an SUV or station wagon that just allows you to fill the boot to the brim with stuff you don’t need, a convertible helps make your daily driving and lifestyle as a whole more efficient.

5. Fuel economy

While of course this varies from car to car, it’s just simple math: a two-door car that weighs less will use less fuel than an SUV with six seats. Although you may find yourself spending a little bit more money on polish and wax to ensure your car looks its best, when it comes to fuel use, you’ll find a convertible to be much easier on your wallet.

6. Fewer “designated driver” trips

While this is not advocating excuses to get away from being a good friend when the need arises, the trouble with owning a large vehicle or an SUV is that your friends/kids/their friends may view it as the standby when they need to move a piece of furniture, transport half the hockey team, or find a designated driver vehicle for a big night on the town. There’s certainly nothing wrong with helping friends and family out from time to time, but no one wants their vehicle to always be the go-to for everyone else’s activities.

A convertible ensures such issues won’t happen, given you’ve only got one seat (and maybe a tiny backseat) to spare. Your friends will understand that they need an actual taxi driver to get them home, or to rent a cargo van to move that sofa, and you can make the most of every occasion when you do have a passenger in the car by organising a cool road trip.

7. Higher resale value

A convertible can retain value that a sedan or SUV won’t, given its unique look. Although this does depend on a number of factors, such as the make and model, age, and condition of the car, if you’re the sort of driver who enjoys upgrading to a new vehicle every couple of years, a sports car can be a good investment to buy now and get a solid return on down the line.

8. Easier repairs

Although it’s certainly not true in every case, sometimes a smaller car can mean fewer chances of things going wrong. Rather than potentially having issues with the rear seats in your 6-seater not closing, or electronic doors not opening, a simpler vehicle setup can mean that as long as your four wheels spin and your two seats have seat belts, you can expect fairly drama-free driving.

There are times and places in life to be sensible. Paying your taxes and standing in line at the bank are such times. But life is too short to not enjoy and look forward to driving, especially given that the average driver spends almost an hour a day in their car.

So, if you’ve always looked longingly at convertibles when you go car shopping, but always told yourself, “Next time” – make now that time, and savour the feeling of driving a car not just to take you where you need to go, but for fun and enjoyment as well.

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