The 7 Best Crossovers for Families in 2017

Posted by: Lydia on 2/05/2017

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It may not seem obvious at first, but the way we use our cars has undergone a quiet revolution. Sure, you recognise the major changes in car technology over the years right away: air conditioning, power steering, and most recently, a big shift to hybrid and electric vehicles. It’s not just the technology, but the way in which we use our cars that has changed.


No longer are 4WDs and SUVs the exclusive domain of outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Instead, to many Australians, a crossover is now the vehicle of choice for meeting the many different needs of families for work and play. Our needs as drivers have evolved, and so too have the vehicles we’re buying. With that in mind, here’s a look at the 7 best crossovers on the market today for families.


1. Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot is the perfect vehicle for those who prefer city living...just barely. Retaining the unique muscular contours for which the Jeep brand is famous, the Patriot offers a tremendous driving experience with six-speed automatic or 4WD standard (AWD optional). It’s perfect for those who want to marry their love of the open roads with the practicality of carting around the kids, even if it’s just to grocery shop on the weekends.

2. Honda HR V

Each great auto nation has its own distinctive traditions in motoring. Italy has raw speed and style, Germany, power and luxury, and Japan, a mix of vibrant design and sophistication. The HRV by Honda embodies the very best of this Japanese design. With a focus on connectivity, with 7-inch Display Audio, and comfort, with 5-door entry and Magic Seats, this ride is the perfect match for a family that seeks out a seamless and intuitive crossover.

3. Fiat 5000x 

Speaking of Italy, the Fiat 5000x brings that great Italian style to a compact SUV. While the 5000x might not rival a Ferrari for speed, it has its own unique virtues, with a turbocharged engine and beautiful leather interior that ensures this vehicle would not be out of place at a black tie event or car show.


4. Nissan Juke


Building everything from zippy sports cars like the Skyline, to diesel 18-wheelers, Nissan knows all about how to get power out of their engines. That's why the Juke is so great; not only does it boast those aggressively sleek and contemporary lines that make Nissan vehicles so distinctive, but it also holds a 188hp 1.6-litre turbo engine under the bonnet. For those families that have a dedicated car fanatic in their midst, this is the perfect crossover to buy.

5. Ford Ecosport 

This vehicle is fantastic for delivering the rugged and robust features of a 4WD in an urban setting. With features like hill launch assist, the Ecosport delivers its driver a rugged vehicle with all the comforts of a city cruiser. Best of all, while it's spacious inside, the Ecosport is also easy to park and move through traffic without the drama of driving a big vehicle.

6. Holden Trax 

Delivering a very attractive fuel economy of 6.7L per 100km, the Holden Trax has won many fans for multiple reasons. In addition to its efficiency, the Trax also boasts a turbo engine; so while it has the sunroof and Bluetooth interface that make it a very sophisticated vehicle for your family, it also comes with considerable ‘oomph’ under the bonnet for when you do take a drive out of town.



7. Kia Soul


The Kia Soul is a wonderful vehicle for young families in particular. With tremendous vehicle safety management (VSM) features, from automatic headlights at the front, to rear parking sensors at the back, plus six airbags and Bluetooth connectivity, this crossover is the ideal pick for families that seek a seamless and secure daily drive with the kids.

What if you can’t find the perfect fit?


With an average national vehicle age of 10 years, Australians know it's important to take the time to find the right vehicle for their family that will stand the test of time. And while it’s  important to ensure you find a vehicle that meets most of the musts on your list, it's also important to keep in mind that crossover vehicles are very customisable.


So even if you find a vehicle doesn't have the right rims, or a roof rack, or other things you desire for your new auto, a quick chat with the dealership or your mechanic can often deliver you the extras and accessories you seek.


Finding the right vehicle for your family always entails considering a lot of factors. This is even more true when you’ve got a busy family, and have to take into account the needs of all family members when seeking out the perfect vehicle.

What’s great about crossovers is that they were created with practicality in mind. While few vehicles may make for an absolute perfect match in every way with an owner’s desires, for many families a crossover provides features and convenience that no other type of car can.  Built to be an across-the-board vehicle that can do it all, be sure to consider a crossover when looking to find the perfect car for you and your busy family.



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