8 Great Gifts for the Car Lover On Your List

Posted by: Lydia on 12/12/2018

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The holiday season is always a fun time to celebrate with family and friends. It's also a terrific chance to buy those closest to you a great gift they'll enjoy year after year.

But when you have a huge car fan among your nearest and dearest‚ finding a gift that speaks to their passion (and isn't something they already have) can be hard.

Even if you have a loved one with a whole ton of car gear in their garage‚ there has been so much innovation across the car industry in recent years, that this gift list is sure to offer something new for the car guru in your life (and maybe for yourself, as well). Here are 8 great gifts for the car lover on your list.

1. Blind spot mirrors

Every new driver learns the importance of paying attention to blind spots when driving. Certainly knowing where those blind spots are is important, but what if there was a way to easily overcome the risks involved with failing to see a car coming up beside you? A set of special blind spot mirrors could be just the trick – and they're extremely affordable, too.

2. TrailNest Roof Top Hammock

When it comes to the ideal adventure‚ many off-road fans love nothing more than a long day's drive on the trails‚ and a relaxing evening at the end of it.

This gift brings the best of both worlds, enabling drivers to enjoy a trail almost anywhere, without worrying about where they'll set up a hammock once they're done driving. This is an especially fantastic present for any car fan often taking trails along the beach or through the desert where there may be few suitable trees to affix a hammock to.

3. Drop Stop

This simple gift is simply brilliant. Everyone has known the frustration of dropping things between the seat and centre console in their car. Whether it's your wallet, phone, or even the car keys themselves, it's always frustrating to have to snake your hand through a narrow space to try to get ahold of what you dropped. The Drop Stop puts an end to this.

4. DashGrip

The Drop Stop is great for preventing items from slipping between the seats, but it’s also easy to understand how this happens. After all, even ‘roomy’ cars don’t have much real estate when it comes to storing your personal effects when you drive. That’s why the CommuteMate DashGrip is a helpful gift.

Many drivers look to utilise the space on their dashboard, even if it means watching their belongings slide back and forth with each turn. But with DashGrip, a thick mat that sticks to any surface, items will cling to the dashboard without moving around, increasing storage and safety at the same time.

5. Camping shower

The rise of glamping (glamorous camping) has seen many Aussies take to the road with new enthusiasm. While some cheeky old souls may mock this new trend‚ at its best it allows travellers to get out and about in the great outdoors‚ while also having the amenities on-hand that they need to rest and relax comfortably.

This gift is a fantastic addition to any glamping kit. With a camping shower, there's no longer a need to settle for a questionable lake or public shower along the way. It's right there and ready to go whenever its needed.

6. Digital tyre gauge

This is a terrific tool for ensuring drivers know their tyre pressure. Not having to fill up tyres can be a real time-saver. And because it’s so quick and easy to check pressure with a digital gauge, it also helps to ensure this becomes a regular habit. It's a great gift to make regular car maintenance easier, and to increase safety.

7. Tablet (iPad) car mount

Lots of Aussies have a smartphone car mount in their car, using it as a portable GPS when on the go. If there's one drawback to this, though, it’s that many phones have a screen that's too small to glance at while driving. That’s where this upgraded tablet mount comes in.

Whether you have an iPad or another type of tablet, the bigger screen size will make it much easier to see where your GPS is directing you while driving. Best of all, even if your tablet doesn’t have a data connection, it’s possible to use your phone as a wi-fi hotspot, or download GPS maps for offline use.

8. Driving gloves

Few things are more elegant than a great pair of driving gloves. For any big car junkie, they communicate to the world around them that here is an Aussie who takes their passion for cars seriously. Driving gloves having a rich history of use across early generations of driving, still enduring today through the use of the term ‘glovebox’.  Beyond style and history, driving gloves can help deliver a more tactile driving experience, and they also help prevent wear and tear on steering wheels.

Driving to a unique gift idea

In addition to the gifts listed above, there's also the opportunity to give a really unique gift like a great Aussie road trip. Pick a destination, book lodging and attractions, and give the recipient a printed itinerary of the trip, along with any necessary vouchers or tickets.

With Aussies in 2018 projected to spend $10.7 billion on Christmas gifts alone, many of us are looking to buy gifts that are truly unforgettable. That’s why there’s no need to worry if you have to buy a gift for a car junkie who already has a garage with every accessory under the sun.

Do some research and offer suggestions for unique stops and sights along the road, and rest assured that they’ll love the excuse your gift gives them to take a long drive behind the wheel. Happy holidays!

What other holiday gifts make a great pick for car fans? Let us know in the comments below:

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