Are Expensive Tyres Worth the Cost?

Posted by: Lydia on 13/11/2018

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Every big car fan has a dream car. Really big car fans have a list of dream cars. Dreams are fun to have, but getting to the point where you get the keys to your dream ride often involves many years of saving – and maybe a bit of luck.

But with dream tyres, it’s different. Some top-of-the-line versions can be purchased for around the price of a new luxury smartphone. Unlike your dream car that could last for decades, however, it’s no secret that tyres do wear out more quickly. So is it worth investing in expensive tyres for your ride? Are the benefits worth the cost? Here's a look.

The case for expensive tyres

To the untrained eye, it may appear that most tyres are very similar. And when it comes to just looks, this is often true. Most tyres have similar profiles, tread patterns, and the iconic black colour. But the difference really becomes apparent in design and tyre performance on the road. And given that it's predicted 2019 will see 3 billion new tyres made around the world, it’s no surprise there’s plenty of variety out there.

It's the difference in performance that draws so many car fans to premium tyres. While it should be noted that all tyres sold through reputable dealers in Australia are made to a high safety standard – so you'll get a safe set no matter what your price point – the premium sets are made with a higher-quality rubber, and as a result, deliver a more tactile driving experience.

Premium tyres can enhance the whole driving experience, no matter what kind of car you own. They can also be geared toward specific needs, such as snowy conditions. But while there’s much to be said for premium tyres, there are a couple of factors to weigh up before buying a set.

Consider your car’s age and condition

It’s wise to consider your car’s age and condition when thinking about purchasing expensive tyres, especially if you're planning to sell the car sometime soon. While you can swap out the tyres when you go to sell your vehicle, this can take more time and money. Anybody looking to buy your vehicle who notices the premium set of tyres may be willing to pay a little more. But they may also make the argument that the premium set of wheels has seen you overvalue the price, and try to bargain you down accordingly.

What sort of driving do you do?

It’s important to be really honest with yourself here. Every driver has some bad habits, and they are borne out in different ways (but they are also fixable over time). If you find yours are concentrated in the areas of sharp braking, rough turning, and the like, those habits can really punish your tyres over time – so it’s important to factor this in.

By no means does this suggest you can’t buy that special set of tyres you love. In fact, buying them could be a good incentive to finally tackle those bad habits that can wear your tyres faster.

But if you find you're on the fence about buying a pricey set, then it may be ideal to wait a bit, as you look to get hard braking and some of those other bad (but common) driving habits out of your system.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if you're a perfect driver, the conditions around you may be unsuitable for some of the more expensive tyres.

For example, you may be considering buying a premium set of sports wheels that’d look just as good on a race track as a city road. That’s all well and good, as sports wheels are designed to perform beautifully on both. But if you find your daily drives have you dealing more with nasty potholes, gravel, and other hazards than sleek bitumen, those tyres will wear and tear quickly.

The style factor

Just like a sleek smartphone or premium pair of shoes, there can also be a style factor to expensive tyres. While you may not want to blow your yearly car budget on them, if you do find yourself with some cash to spare and really love the look of a particular set, the enjoyment you’ll get from them can make them a great investment.

Style definitely remains a huge factor in the world of autos. That's why there are some Aussies out there who are OK with having a vehicle that just gets them from A to B, while others insist on having a vehicle that turns heads. So if you do find a set of tyres you love, it can be a terrific buy, even if they do cost a little bit more overall. There’s also nothing to say you can’t own two sets of tyres and alternate them as conditions dictate.

Ultimately, any tyres that are well made and sold by a reputable supplier will last you a good period of time, and it’s even better if you truly enjoy them. So, if you’re tempted to buy a premium set and see what all of the fuss is about, go for it. At worst, you’ll find you get a spare set of tyres a little faster than normal. At best, you’ll find a more expensive set is actually really terrific value for money in terms of the performance and plain old fun they deliver.

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