Exotic Driving Experiences: What's it Like to Drive a Rare Sport Car for a Day?

Posted by: Lydia on 12/03/2019

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Driving a different car is always a treat for real gearheads, whether it’s a vehicle you’re driving for work, one you're minding for a family member on holiday, or one you're borrowing from a friend while your car is at the mechanic's.

Yes, driving any new car is fun – but how about a luxury sports car?

Getting the keys to a rare speedster is something many car fans dream of, and hiring one for a day is a great way to do it without having to spend tons of cash. But what’s the experience actually like of hiring a rare car? And what other factors do you need to consider beyond the fun of driving alone? Here's a look at what to expect.

How it works

While prices and processes vary between companies, hiring a sports car is usually a lot like hiring any other vehicle. You’ll need a full driver’s license, a credit card, and a willingness to sign lots of forms. There are usually numerous packages available depending on how long you want to hire the car for, but the most common length of time is a day.

You can arrange to keep the car longer, like over the weekend, but you'll need to factor in the price accordingly. As such, many drivers feel hours over days is the best value for money.

You’ll get a lot of attention and questions

Even in an Aussie market that has seen record sales of cars in recent years – with over 1.1 million sold in 2017 alone – a luxury car will always turn heads. For some gearheads, this is part of the appeal of driving one. For others, all the attention can be a little much.

Whatever the case, you’re sure to get a lot of stares, questions, and even requests for photos with the car. All this attention is definitely manageable, though. If you’re a gearhead who really enjoys showing off your vehicles and is always happy to have a chat with other car fans, then going for a drive down a famous street like Chapel Street in Melbourne, the Esplanade on the Gold Coast, or Darlinghurst Street in Sydney is sure to win you some attention.

If, on the other hand, your perfect day with a rare luxury car is just you and the vehicle, then opting for a drive on coastal and rural highways instead of in the city is ideal. A top-of-the-line vehicle is sure to catch glances wherever it goes, but the open road will give you a more free-flowing experience and allow you to stop for lunch or dinner somewhere without a crowd gathering.

Consider the red tape and restrictions

Renting a car means you can return it without needing to worry about its ongoing costs and maintenance. But it's important to remember you are responsible for it while you have use of it. Most drivers will understand this means they or their insurance will be liable for any accident they're in if found to be at fault (this is a case where extra rental car insurance is an excellent idea, if available).

You'll also be responsible for any speed camera fines sent back to the car hire if you accidently put too much weight on the pedal while on the freeway. Alongside these costs, you'll also have refueling charges and potentially even a cleaning if you return the car a little worse for wear. These factors are important to keep in mind and budget for as they can come as a rude shock later if you’re not prepared.

It’s also important to check whether there are any special restrictions on the car. While it's a tempting thought to take the car to a track, it's likely not allowed (there are other ways to get that unique experience if you're interested). Be sure you're clear on all driving restrictions before you take the car out.

Other options

Renting a rare sports car is unquestionably a thrill, but also keep in mind the wide range of great autos on the roads today. Although most sports cars stand head and shoulders above the average car when it comes to fun and enjoyment, that gap has narrowed.

Certainly a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is expected to be fast when roaring down the straight at track day, but you may not have the need to call on this power if you're on a regular road trip. That’s where other factors like comfort and convenience can play a role, especially given that many sports cars can actually be uncomfortable to drive in for long periods of time, given their low ground clearance and emphasis on speed over storage.

In these situations, a turbo monster from Italy or Germany could actually be the second best choice compared to a fun but more practical car. Ultimately it’s never just power and acceleration alone that make a car enjoyable to drive, and there are so many outstanding cars out there that deliver big fun for a low price.

Driving a rare sports car is something every big car fan should do at least once in their lifetime. While so many of us dream of a huge garage full of luxury vehicles, hiring one for the day is a great way to get your hands on the keys to a brillant auto in the meantime.

It’s always good to factor in things like extra costs and the extra attention you’ll get when driving a rare sports car. But once you have, there’s just one step left: go hire that car and have fun! Be sure to snap some photos along the way so you can look back on what should be an incredible driving experience.

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Image: Pixabay