The Best Quick Road Trips in Each Australian State

Posted by: Lydia on 12/02/2019

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All of us who live in the Great Southern Land are lucky to have fantastic beaches, rivers, forests, and even snowy mountains on offer across the nation. We also have plenty of coastal towns, provincial cities, and other attractions that make a long winding road trip extra-enjoyable.

But oftentimes, due to work, family, or other commitments, it isn’t possible to get away for a long drive. That’s where a quick road trip inside your own state can be a good compromise, giving you the opportunity to take in some sights while also being able to make it home in time for dinner. Here's a look at the best quick road trips across Australia.

Hobart to Launceston in Tasmania

Tasmania’s two biggest cities are very different in identity, but each is within a short drive of the other. Hop on the Midland Highway and go point to point, and along the way, you can also stop in at Freycinet National Park. Get out, stretch your legs, and take in the beauty of the crisp and untouched Tasmanian wilderness.

Hepburn Springs in Victoria

Hepburn Springs is a beautiful resort town located 90 minutes north of Melbourne. With a population of approximately 1,000 people, Hepburn Springs is small enough to be charming but big enough to be exciting. At the heart of the town’s allure is its rich heritage (and mineral springs).

Tracing its history all the way back to the 1850s, the town was home to migrants from Italy, Switzerland, France, and many other countries across Europe. As a result, it has a very European feel to this day. The existence of the mineral springs and spa – and natural mineral water ready to taste – makes it an ideal destination for anyone keen on a healthy and refreshing road trip.

Serpentine National Park in Western Australia

Just one hour from Perth is the beautiful Serpentine National Park. Offering a wonderful array of swimming and bathing spots, this is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a peaceful inland locale. There’s also a golf course for anyone who has been longing to drive a ball down the fairway surrounded by the red sands of Western Australia. This road trip is a must-do for anyone living out west.

The Gold Coast in Queensland

The Gold Coast is an iconic Australian city with world-class beaches, boating, and fantastic attractions like Movie World and Sea World. It's also just a one-hour drive from Brisbane down the Pacific Motorway.

As the host of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Gold Coast has had a number of new sporting upgrades and other capital works completed throughout the city. So even if you have visited the Gold Coast in recent years, 2019 is a good time to visit again and take in the new vibe and features of this Queensland city.

Newcastle in NSW

Newcastle is one of Australia’s great provincial cities. It has fantastic beaches, eateries, and yes – it's the home of the great Aussie band Silverchair.

Newcastle is growing rapidly, and that's driving some exciting new developments in the town. So whether you want to see the classic Newcastle one more time while it's still around, or you're most excited to see a new chapter unfolding in the city, a trip here is sure to be a pleasure.

Berry Springs Nature Park in the Northern Territory

Berry Springs Nature Park is beautiful and lush, a tropical oasis just outside of Darwin. In addition to swimming and cooking facilities for those who aspire to a great Aussie BBQ, there’s also a fantastic nature walk through the habitat of many native Australian birds and flora and fauna. It's an ideal destination for anyone who is a keen gardener or hiker.

Bingie Beach via the Australian Capital Territory

Despite the cheeky jokes about roundabouts that other Australians make, there’s a lot to love about living in Canberra, especially given the easy access to an abundance of beautiful hiking and cycling trails. But if there’s one drawback to life in Australia’s capital, it's the absence of the beaches that so many Aussies love to visit whenever they win a weekend afternoon free.

That’s why a road trip to Bingie Beach from Canberra is always a great plan. Leaving the ACT and heading down to the southern coast of NSW is a beautiful drive on Kings Highway. Along with clear blue ocean waves and hiking tracks, the beach also holds a rich heritage in indigenous Aboriginal culture, sure to offer interest and enjoyment to surfers, walkers, and history buffs alike.

The Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia

This road trip has it all: a great wine region, the terrific Willunga Farmers Market, beautiful beaches – including a shipwreck – and even whales and dolphins regularly spotted around Encounter Bay. Just an hour and 20 minutes from Adelaide, this is a trip you’ll want to make again and again.

A city trip can be terrific too

While Tourism Australia does a roaring trade overseas showcasing our remote Outback, the great majority of us live in a capital city. In fact, according to the 2016 census, over 66% of Aussies live in a state capital. The fact that so many of our cities are growing fast – with Melbourne having crested over 5 million in 2018 – means that most Aussies taking a road trip in their state will be departing a capital city.

But if you happen to live outside a capital city and want to take a road trip, visiting your state capital is a great idea. Whether it's a walk through the Dandenongs in Melbourne, a swim at Manly in Sydney, or even a spin with the Darwin Cycling Club in the Top End, you can certainly have a fun road trip heading into the big smoke.

Road trips that are not so quick

In addition to these short road trips, there are many other fantastic destinations around Australia that really are must-visits. Some may be on the other side of the nation, while others might be right in your home state.

Wherever you travel and whatever road trip you pick, be sure to enjoy every moment of the journey across our great country. Happy driving!

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