5 Amazing and Little Known Road Trips

Posted by: Lydia on 23/10/2020

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Flinders Ranges in South Australia 

Right now, we’re experiencing the challenge of coronavirus-related travel restrictions across Australia. Some states like Western Australia retain rather strict travel laws, whereas others like New South Wales are more open. For Aussies who love nothing more than embarking on a great road trip every spring or summer, these current travel bans are — even if necessary for our health — frustrating to accept.

However, there is certainly a silver lining to this situation. Many gearheads who get some time off for a holiday will open a big map and make plans for a long journey to the other side of the country. This is always fantastic, but it means that we can easily overlook the wonderful road trips that are closer to home. 

In this spirit, here are 5 amazing and little known road trips from across the country.

1. The Great Alpine Road, Victoria 

Victoria offers many amazing drives. However, most tourists generally keep close to the coast when it comes to taking a springtime trip. A cruise to the Mornington Peninsula, or Phillip Island, or a jaunt along the Great Ocean Road represent some of the state’s best combinations of road and beach. That said, there are also mountain ranges that make for a wonderful trip year-round.

The Great Alpine Road is The Man from Snowy River country. With an array of stunning sights, anywhere you journey along this road will be fantastic, but be sure to pencil in a stop at Mount Buffalo National Park. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can see beautiful gum trees in bloom, camp among wombats on the shores of Lake Catani, or toboggan through Cresta Valley amidst the snow.

2. The Convict Trail, Tasmania

Tourism delivers around $3.2 billion to the Tasmanian economy every year, and with its rich mix of history, natural beauty, and gourmet offerings, it’s easy to see why visitors are enticed by the Apple Isle. 

The Convict Trail is a road trip that you’ll want to do again and again. Traversing through Richmond to the Tasman National Park, Eaglehawk Neck to the Port Arthur Historic Site, there’s something for everyone here and an outstanding road trip is guaranteed.

3. The Eyre Peninsula, South Australia 

South Australia is famed for its wine country. Rightfully so, as it has many wonderful destinations like the Barossa Valley. One downside of this fame is that it’s often easy to overlook the wonderful offerings elsewhere in the state. 

The Eyre Peninsula is a great example of this. In addition to getting the opportunity to taste world-class seafood fresh from the water, you can swim with giant cuttlefish at Whyalla, snorkel with sea lions at Baird Bay, and if you’re really looking to get your heart racing, you can even cage dive in the Great White Shark’s domain at Port Lincoln!

4. The Munja Track, Western Australia

The Munja Track is for really bold adventurers. The approximately 200kms from Mount Elizabeth Station to Walcot on this tough track is not for the faint of heart. But you’ll see incredible untouched wilderness that even other seasoned travellers would be awestruck by. This is a destination that is little known, within a remote part of Australian, that promises to be truly unforgettable.

5. The Great Barrier Reef Drive, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is a world-famous tourist hotspot. For generations, visitors from near and far have travelled to the edge of Australia’s eastern seaboard in Queensland to see it. However, many people miss out on the amazing drive along the Queensland coast. 

This trip is relatively short —  the 140kms journey takes around just 2 hours to complete. But this short trip proves that good things come in small packages. The journey from Cairns to Cape Tribulation will see you pass by pristine beaches and through the Wet Tropics rainforest. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to take much longer than 2 hours, stopping along the way to fully take in the incredible scenery you encounter.

Review the Restrictions

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to keep in mind that some travel restrictions remain in place. For example, if you’re living in Melbourne, at the time of writing you can’t travel outside the city’s limits unless you have an exemption. 

If you’re in this situation, you will need to wait to take a trip through the Alpine Road, and if coronavirus numbers start climbing elsewhere, then other states may increase their lockdown restrictions once more. That’s why it’s essential to regularly check your state’s current rules (and those of any other state you may be travelling to) to ensure you’re permitted to make the trip.

Check Your Car Before You Go

It’s also important to note that many of us have not been using our car(s) much lately. Whether it’s due to travel restrictions, the shift to working from home, or other factors, countless Aussies are using their cars far less right now compared to this time last year. That’s why before you embark on a road trip of any kind, it’s important to do an inspection of your car to make sure it's in good shape.

Although you likely haven't stopped using your car altogether, it’s always wise to be cautious before putting it through its paces on the open road. Once your car gets a clean bill of health, you’ll be ready to begin a great road trip to an amazing and little known destination with total peace of mind.


Image: Pixabay