Tesla Model Y: Here's everything you need to know!

Posted by: Lydia on 18/09/2020

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Tesla has been generating much excitement within the auto world lately as it rolls out its new Model Y around the world. The electric car company spearheaded by Elon Musk has released this compact crossover utility vehicle building on the success of prior models like the Roadster, and joining newer autos like the Cybertruck, as part of the ‘next generation’ of the automaker’s range.

If there’s one challenge for Tesla when it comes to shifting their public perception from a bold startup to a car manufacturer that’s a household name, it's the danger of each subsequent release becoming more routine and less exciting than the earliest vehicles in the fleet. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how the Tesla Model Y measures up.

Extra Features for Extra Cost

Although the jaw-dropping new Roadster will undoubtedly cost a pretty penny – forecasts in June of this year held that a local purchase would cost AU$326,000 in total – the Model 3 can be purchased for around AU$73,000, which is reasonably accessible to anyone looking to get an all-electric ride. The Model Y is expected to cost at least AU$30,000 more than the 3 – so what justifies the higher cost?

The Model Y and its predecessor the Model 3 have much in common. In fact, by some measures, the vehicles share 75% of the same parts. That said, there are some key differences. For one thing, the Model Y has a bulkier profile. It still looks sleek, but it requires a design compromise to provide room for its taller doors. In addition to its rear hatch and extra room inside, the Model Y also has the edge when it comes to its roof: a single piece of glass that provides a beautiful, uninterrupted sky view above. 

Tesla has always taken pride in delivering a fantastic digital experience within their vehicles, and the Model Y is no exception. The vehicle has a 15-inch touch screen, four USB ports, and docking for two mobile phones. 

Notably, the Y is the first in the Tesla range to also offer USB-C ports. As the USB-C connection is viewed among tech circles as a ‘cure all’ for its capacity to provide power, data, and video and audio connectivity all-in-one, it’s enticing to imagine what innovations Tesla could offer Model Y owners in the future with this connectivity.

What the Model Y Is Missing

As the Model Y weighs around 140 kgs more than the Model 3, it’s a slightly heavier ride. But really, given Tesla vehicles' fantastic powertrains and the relatively small difference, the extra weight will likely only be noticeable when taking long and winding roads.

For anyone who had their heart set on Track mode, you'll be disappointed to know that the Model Y is missing it. This could perhaps change at some point, but for now, if Track mode is a must, the Model Y won't be a contender.

The Non-Standard Parts Problem

The Model Y has also attracted some controversy for the apparent presence of non-standard parts in a number of vehicles. It’s unclear what has occurred, but given that Tesla has placed a premium on its sleek and sophisticated design, this news has certainly left many car fans keen for Tesla to clarify what may be going on with the Model Y’s production.

The Road Ahead for Tesla

Although the Model Y is unquestionably an interesting vehicle, there is much excitement around its stablemate the Cybertruck and how the Model Y may stack up to other upcoming releases in the Tesla range — especially as many buyers looking to purchase an electric vehicle for the first time may be ‘keeping their powder dry’ and waiting for what comes next. 

While the Tesla team undoubtedly warrants much of the praise they have gotten, its stock market performance has also experienced considerable volatility recently. This has led to concerns about Tesla's management, but investors are largely still confident that their investments will pay off and are not looking to back out now. Ultimately, even if Tesla has encountered some controversy, it’s unlikely to impact its production and popularity in the near future. All auto fans are certainly hoping that it will be a clear road ahead for Tesla going forward beyond the Model Y.

Start Your Electric Engines

Tesla has successfully captured the world’s imagination when it comes to the electric revolution.

Along with the excitement the Model Y has generated, its Model 3, Model X, Model S, Roadster and Cybertruck have all been showstoppers when they were announced. A number of these vehicles have already been added to the list of dream cars that gearheads fantasize about one day owning. 

although nobody would mistake the Model Y for the Roadster in looks or performance, it remains a unique and attractive car. It's not what you might call a super affordable car, but it's also not so astronomical as to be out of reach for someone looking for a little more room than the Model 3 without the total luxury of the Model X. So if you’ve been looking to finally make the leap into electric car ownership, the Model Y may make for a magnificent debut.

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