4 Top Performance Cars Expected in 2021

Posted by: Lydia on 12/04/2021

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4 Top Performance Cars Expected in 2021

Performance vehicles occupy a very special place in the auto landscape, both in Australia and around the world. Sure, they’ll never be as common a sight on our roads as a sedan or 4WD. They also have some drawbacks in comparison to other vehicles — nobody is going to fit 3 trolleys worth of goods from the grocery store into the boot of a 2-door roadster after all! 

But ultimately, what makes performance vehicles special is the fact that they’re a little impractical. They're built for speed and for precision driving. A performance car is meant to sound loud when its engine starts, turn heads when it drives, and delight all with its cutting-edge design. Indeed, performance cars are rightfully recognised as amazing — and here are 5 of the top performance rides expected Down Under in 2021.  

1. Ford Mustang Mach 1

There is arguably no car more iconic than the Ford Mustang. Sure, other vehicles from famous stables like Ferrari and Mercedes may have long been the toast of the Formula One world, but no manufacturer has so successfully created a connection between the average driver in the street and the jewel in their crown like Ford has with the Mustang. 

Although it's expected that only 700 of the Mach 1 will be released in the initial rollout this year, with a V8 engine delivering a bullish 345kW/556Nm, many Aussies will certainly be hoping to see new units added in the next round. 

2. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Alongside Ford with its Mustang, this other iconic American manufacturer is set to deliver a very special vehicle to Australia. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the new generation of a U.S. classic. 

Its 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 engine will be in the company’s fresh LT2 design, which represents an upgrade on the LT1 that’s been part of Chevrolet’s assembly line and rich history for decades. In addition, the local release will also feature right-hand drive, meaning Aussies can pick up a ride without any need to pursue a conversion from the left-hand setting.

3. Maserati MC20

In comparison to the giants of Italy’s performance car sector in Ferrari and Lamborghini, Maserati tends to occupy a more discrete and subtle section of the spotlight. The MC20 affirms this is a real shame — because this vehicle is simply incredible. 

Possessing a V6 engine that delivers 463kW/730Nm, the design of this outstanding ride looks like it was taken straight from a futuristic Sci-Fi movie. It’s sure to be a welcome sight on Aussie streets as it rolls out locally this year, and offers some stiff competition to the Prancing Horse and the Bull when it comes to representing the very best of Italian design.

4. Subaru BRZ

Thanks to the prominence of its rallying success with the WRX, this Japanese manufacturer is today perhaps more well-known in Australia for the impact of its cars off-road instead of on. But the BRZ, a beautifully sleek vehicle inside and out, will go a long way to changing that.

Best of all, with the BRZ currently starting at around $38,500 RDP (Recommended Drive Away Price), this is a performance ride with a starting cost well within the budget for Aussie gearheads who are seeking an outstanding but affordable performance vehicle. 

Car Manufacturing in the COVID Era

It’s necessary to note the COVID-19 factor that’s continuing to impact the auto industry globally. At the time of writing, the coronavirus pandemic in Australia is by and large under control. Both the vaccination programmes and the very low number of cases being recorded each day illustrate this. There’s certainly been some setbacks, but ultimately the Great Southern Land has started off 2021 doing very well in terms of recovery, with the last week of March seeing just 11 new cases reported each day nationwide according to the federal government

However, this is not the case for other nations. Many car manufacturing nations like Germany, Japan, and the U.S. have had a far harder start to 2021. It’s true that these powerhouses have also been pursuing an inspiring response — with the U.S. alone currently vaccinating almost 3 million people a day in the quest to drive out COVID and reopen the economy — but even such bold moves will take time, and setbacks could yet occur. This means that some upcoming release dates may be subject to change.

A Great Time to Start Your Engines

If there is one silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that there’s been a new relationship struck between many Aussies and their vehicles over the past year — whether working-from-home has delivered freedom from the morning commute, or the greater challenge of attending activities indoors on weekends has inspired a new interest in some local road trips. 

Yet regardless of whether someone is a lifelong gearhead or has only recently struck up an interest in cars, it’s ultimately not just the places they take us but what they symbolise that’s significant. That’s why these performance vehicles and their upcoming releases are so important. 

They remind us that the machines we use each day to transport us around are also incredible pieces of engineering. They show us by being the pinnacle of speed and style that life is not just about getting from A to B, but having fun along the way. Indeed, their upcoming releases provide something special to look forward to — even if COVID may delay them slightly — at a time when many Aussies are anxious to look past the doom and gloom of recent months, and get excited about the future again. 

What performance car are you most looking forward to seeing in 2021? Let us know in the comments below. 

Image: Pixabay