How to Choose the Best Car Upholstery

Posted by: Lydia on 26/07/2021

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Aussies have a lot of choices to make throughout the life of a vehicle. First, they’ll select a vehicle itself. In addition to ensuring the tyres are kept in good working order and other regular maintenance, a lot of optional extras, such as roof racks, can come into the picture. Among these customisations is upholstery - one of the most common changes car owners make. 

Choosing an upholstery may seem straightforward at first. After all, essentially every car will come with upholstery already in it, and many car owners imagine it’ll be as simple as changing the cushions on a couch. But in reality, there’s a lot of important factors to consider. So let’s now look at what should be in mind when choosing the best car upholstery. 

Consider Your Car’s Era

Right now many Australians will be in a daily drive that was purchased new in the past 5 years.
Even though Covid-19 has delayed the production and delivery of cars across the globe, a sizable number of the over 20 million vehicles in our national fleet are modern ones. But undoubtedly, there’s also a ton of terrific old rides on the road that continue to be driven daily by owners who adore them.

For this older class of vehicle, it may be best to steer clear of upholstery that’s used in 2021 models. An older car’s interior may consist of a particular material that won’t match the contemporary forms of upholstery. Alternatively, the dimensions of the interior on an older car may make it a greater challenge to find modern upholstery in the right size. Ultimately, none of these challenges are insurmountable, but it is worth considering the era of your car when it comes to choosing the right upholstery. 

Factor in Your Lifestyle

For many Australians, their car is not just for getting from A to B, but also a tool for ongoing adventures. This is certainly the case when surf gear, snow gear, cycling goods, and pets - or all of the above - regularly find their way along for the journey. While it’s certainly fantastic that Aussies have a love of adventure and outstanding road trips, this sort of lifestyle can really add to the wear and tear on a vehicle’s upholstery. 

Although a delicate fabric may be desirable for the aesthetic it offers, it may not be ideal for a car that regularly sees sand, snow, sleet, pet hair, and other matter that can make its way into the interior. That being said, many upholstery fabrics can be cleaned quite easily, especially if vigilant about attending to them as soon as the mess is made, or covered with items like car mats for protection. But prevention is always better than the cure. For that reason, anyone with an active lifestyle may need to think twice about getting a very delicate upholstery for their vehicle’s interior. 

Don’t Forget About Repairs

While contemplating upholstery choices, it’s also prudent to think about the difficulty of repairs that could arise. In this regard, it’s similar to shopping for a whole new car. Even if a particular zippy sports car or a muscular 4WD catches the eye, the complexity and time needed for repairs may make these vehicles impractical for certain drivers. 

The same can be said for upholstery. Some fabrics will be much more painstaking to repair than others if damage occurs. In turn, while car upholsterers can bring terrific skills to a task, sometimes full restoration won’t be possible. You may have to settle for minimising the visibility of the damage done or replacing the upholstery entirely. To some car owners, this is just part of car ownership, and they’re ready to reupholster regularly. But for those who are not prepared to spend time and money on repairs, opt for an upholstery that is hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Be Mindful of the Next Owner

Many people welcome the opportunity to personalise a car however they want. This can involve relatively small steps, such as giving the car a nickname or putting some stickers on its bumper bar, but it may also involve some more substantial changes. Redoing the upholstery is a popular way for new owners to customise their car in a way that makes it uniquely theirs. This is not a problem when the car’s current owner is happily making daily use of their vehicle, but it can become a potential issue when they decide to sell.

Sure, the current owner may really love that leopard print upholstery they chose for their vehicle. It’s also true that there are many would-be car owners out there who enjoy coming across a car that’s out of the ordinary. But it won’t be for everyone. 

For anyone that is looking to change their upholstery and one day imagines they may swap their current ride for another vehicle, it’s prudent to keep the personal tastes of others in mind. Going with a more routine upholstery now may not be as exciting as some of the bolder choices out there, but it could mean an easier sales process in the future. Keep your buyer pool broad with a standard upholstery and pass on the keys to another driver with ease when the time comes. 

The Inside Word on Car Design

Choosing the best car upholstery can feel like a confronting task at first. But by considering your car’s era, and factoring in your lifestyle, it’s possible for the choice to be made far easier. You’ll also want to keep in mind any complications that can arise with possible repairs, and how a future owner may feel about the upholstery. By taking these factors into account, it’s possible to choose an upholstery that is a great choice today, and one that will remain happily in use for a long time to follow. 

What other tips do you have for choosing the best car upholstery? Let us know in the comments below.

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