In the market for a new car? Here are the 5 best car review resources to help you make the right choice!

Posted by: Lydia on 19/04/2021

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In the Market for a New Car? Here Are the 5 Best Car Review Resources to Help You Make the Right Choice

Browsing for a new car always requires many tasks. As well as the necessary jobs on the to-do list like figuring out what cars will match your budget, the process can also be a little overwhelming. Sure, it’s an exciting journey overall — and the end-result is getting the keys to a new car — but there’s a lot of little challenges along the way that can feel like difficult roadblocks to overcome.

Even real gearheads can find the process of selecting a particular vehicle a little intimidating. A vintage vehicle may be old, but it’s a known and proven commodity — new vehicles don’t have that kind of history. But the good news is that thanks to the online world, it's easier than ever to select a new ride with confidence using the right review sites.


This site offers comprehensive information about cars in a use-friendly way. As well as in-depth information for those who want to work their way through one review after the next, the plus and minus snapshot included in every auto profile can speed up the search for those short on time. The quality of photos throughout is also fabulous. 

2. provides a number of ways to jump into the work of reading reviews fast — its ‘most popular articles’ tab is a great avenue to get some insight into what other potential buyers are enticed by right now. Because cars are also sold on the website, the design can feel a bit overwhelming at times, making it harder to seek out key info quickly. But for those who overlook this minor issue, the site is certainly a great resource. 


Taking inspiration from its name, the design of this website is very practical. But the quality of its content is also exceptional. For those who want a resource that’s informative but straightforward, this is the best pick for you. In addition to car reviews, the site also includes coverage of wider news from the auto world, which is an additional reason to keep visiting the site even after you’ve found your next car. 


This site is fantastic for anyone getting set for a long session reviewing cars. As well as the easy navigation of the reviews by brand and best-selling vehicles, the front page selection of recent reviews with photos may suggest a vehicle that you hadn’t considered. Another great aspect of this site is its free-flowing writing style that makes reviews easy to understand and pleasant to read.  

5. Whirlpool, Reddit, and Similar Forums

Whirlpool and Reddit are fantastic avenues for getting car reviews beyond the norm. The advantage with these sites is the easy interactivity, as well as the global audience they can attract — Reddit’s Cars forum alone has 2.3 million members! If you’ve got a very specific question about a car you’re considering that isn’t covered in any review you’ve seen, then reaching out to other car fans is a great way to seek out the info you need. As well as putting forward any specific questions, subreddits like r/whatcarshouldibuy is a great starting point for anyone just beginning their search for a new auto. 

Make Smart Calls About the Online World

When it comes to accuracy of information, not all online sources are made equal. For websites that have brick and mortar presences in the real world, contact information, and strong community links, it’s a good sign they can be a trusted resource for quality reviews. If a website is very new, offers little information, and doesn’t appear to have much of a presence in the auto industry — be it via associations in the real world or a strong social media presence — then double check any info you’ll be relying on, which is generally a good idea anyway.

It's also important to keep in mind that forums in general should be taken with a grain of salt. They can certainly be great sources of information and advice, but it's difficult to know who is actually providing the information, and some posts might be misleading or incorrect. This is distinct from an authoritative car review website that knows its ongoing reputation for trust will depend on the accuracy of its content.

Hopefully, good forum moderators will look to guard against low-quality posting — and there are indeed some excellent car forums out there that are widely recognised for the quality of their industry discussion and insight — but it’s always wise to be little cautious if a major piece of news comes from an unlikely source. 

Going With Your Gut Feeling

Ultimately, you should remember that you're the one who will make the final decision about your new car. Many drivers often know when they’ve found ‘the one’. They’ll start imagining all the drives they'll take it on once they’ve taken a test drive, and they’ll be sad to leave it if they can’t take it away on the spot! This is a great feeling to have, but if you feel the opposite, you shouldn't ignore that either.

If you sense something is off, it probably is. Even if reviewers rave about a car, if you just don’t get the right vibe, it could be a sign that there’s an issue with that particular model or with the specific car you're test driving. Or it may not be anything more than the fact that you recognise the car just isn’t right for you. You should be excited anytime you get the keys to a new car — so if you’re apprehensive at all, it’s a sign to take a step back and keep searching for your next new ride.

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