What happens if my tyres scape the curb

Posted by: Cal on 27/02/2013

Category: Maintenance

There is nothing worse than pulling to the side of the road to park your car, edging ever closer to the curb, and then hearing that awful sound.

So you've curbed your tyres. You might come away with some scratches on your hubcaps, and indeed in some cases these might fall off! But can accidentally curbing your tyres actually do damage to them or affect your tyre performance?

Well in the best case scenario, all you'll receive is some minor scratches and a bruised ego. And you'll be able to drive away later without noticing any difference.

If the impact is more severe however, curbing your tyres can throw off your wheel alignment. This can result in you feeling the wheels 'pulling' away from the centre of the road, meaning you need to compensate by using more force than normal with the steering wheel simply to drive in a straight line.

If your alignment is affected, your tyres' tread may also wear unevenly. This is because all of the tyre's usual rubber contact point won't be touching the road, and can diminish the life of your car tyres. If you're unsure whether your tyres have been damaged by curbing, come on down to your local Tyreright dealer and we'll check them out for you.