7 Tyre Accessories That You Need to Get Now

Posted by: Dan on 27/01/2016

Category: Maintenance


People will buy coolant and engine oil for their auto, but often overlook accessories for their tyres. This can be a costly mistake, as poor tyre maintenance can drastically shorten the lifespan of your tyres.


In addition, failing to regularly check tyre pressure and condition increases the odds that you’ll end up sitting by the side of the road after a blowout waiting for the tow truck to come along. So, how can you ensure your tyres are still in first-rate shape? Acquire some of these must-have tyre accessories!


Let's have a look at some of the most important accessories you should have on hand.

1. Patch Kit

A tyre patch kit is an absolute essential to have in your boot when you get a flat. Typically featuring a 12ml rubber cement tube, plug strings, and a handle for installation, this kit is a godsend for those times when you get a small puncture. Learning how to patch a tyre is straightforward, though kits can vary dependent on brand, so be sure to check your kit’s specific instructions.

2. Repair Kit

Different from the patch kit described above, a tyre repair kit is a useful accessory to have if you frequently spend time in remote country areas or do lots of off-road driving. A tyre patch kit is great for a single blowout, but a full kit is necessary if you happen to get a double blowout or your spare tyre is somehow punctured. As bad as either of those scenarios would be, finding yourself without the proper repair materials would be even worse.

3. Deflator

Although most of the time drivers are concerned with keeping their tyres inflated at the proper levels, there are times when being able to deflate them is a necessity. Whether you find yourself driving in off-road conditions where a lower PSI is ideal, or you discover that someone in your family overinflated a tyre at the gas station, a deflator is a great tool to have on hand. Features vary slightly by brand, but look for a deflator that is brass, corrosion-resistant, and has an easy-to-read dial.

4. Mudflaps

Mudflaps are ideal for those who loving going off-road but still want to ensure that their vehicle remains presentable. Using mudflaps can stop dirt, mud, and even stray rocks and stones from being tossed up by your wheels. Mudflaps also serve as signs of good “road manners”: Even if you’re not worried about your own vehicle, blowback created by your vehicle can easily hit other autos close behind you. If you regularly off-road with family or friends in multiple vehicles, mudflaps are a must.

5. A Big Lug Wrench

Lug wrenches come in a variety of sizes, but having a large one on hand is essential in case you need to change out a wheel or remove a tyre for patching. A 4-way 20-inch lug wrench ensures you’ve got ample surface area to grip and turn when removing a wheel. A smaller lug wrench might do the same job, but your wrists and arms will thank you over the months and years to come for having one that makes the job much easier each time.

6. Tyre Stand

There are many reasons to own multiple tyres. You might have more than one vehicle, you may use different tyres when you go off-roading, or you might just be an auto enthusiast keen on changing up tyres now and then. All of those tyres can take up a lot of space in the garage, so investing in a good tyre stand is a must. Tyre stands come in a multitude of sizes, whether you need one to house four tyres, or a dozen. Tyre stands ensure that your tyres remain safe, properly stored, and easy to grab when needed.

7. Valve Caps

Sounds ridiculous right? You can be totally ready to go on a drive or off-road adventure that would put Mad Max to shame, only to find yourself in a pinch halfway there because one of your tyres has lost its valve cap. While unlikely to be a journey-ending event, a missing cap leaves the valve vulnerable to extra damage (as well as accumulating extra dirt, making it harder to reinflate the tyre later on). Buying a set of spare plastic valve caps to put away in your glovebox means you’ll never be caught empty-handed in case one goes missing.


While it varies from model to model, every car has at least 10,000 moving parts, and each requires varying degrees of maintenance. With two out of three Australians regularly driving to work, good car maintenance very much equals good community safety. What’s more, maintaining your car in the short-term saves you money by avoiding major repairs in the long-term.


So, while many drivers regularly wash their windows or oil the engine, they often forget to care for their tyres after purchasing a vehicle. By using some of these useful accessories, you can make sure that your tyres look great and are well-maintained throughout their lifespan, and also ensure that your car is safe and sound for your commute.

Have you recently purchased one of these accessories? Is there a favourite accessory of yours not listed here? Let us know below in the comments!


Image, Pixabay