NSW Police call for caution in extreme weather

Posted by: Cal on 27/02/2013

Category: News and Events

Parts of New South Wales were battered by extreme weather conditions over the weekend, and unfortunately there was tragedy on the state's roads. NSW police urged drivers to exercise caution after several accidents made this weekend one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

"Nine people have lost their lives on the state's roads in just 72 hours; one fatality is too many, nine is just appalling and a tragic waste of life," said assistant commissioner John Hartley in a statement issued February 24.

With each of these crashes still under investigation, the risk of flooding and extreme weather is still present in many areas. Police therefore urged NSW drivers to conduct themselves safely on the state's roads and not to take unnecessary risks.

Those with bigger vehicles outfitted with 4x4 tyres or all terrain tyres may feel they will be able to traverse floodwaters safely, yet police advise all motorists not to drive into these hazardous regions, no matter how confident they were that their vehicle would make it.

"The weather we're experiencing across the state is extreme and unpredictable and it is the worst time for drivers to let their guard down," said assistant commissioner John Hartley.