RACV stresses the importance of tyres to car safety

Posted by: Cal on 16/02/2013

Category: News and Events

The Automobile Association of Victoria (RACV) has urged Australian drivers to take the time to perform some simple car safety checks which could save their lives out on the roads.

With kids back at school and older ones well into the working year, the morning and evening commutes can see lots of road activity.

"Vehicle safety checks are crucial, whether your car is new or an older model," said RACV acting manager vehicle engineering Nick Platt.

He encouraged motorists to make sure they verify fluid levels, the radiator and cooling system, the car battery and windscreen wipers. More than anything, however, he highlighted the need to be vigilant when it comes to tyre safety.

"I cannot stress enough how important tyres are to a car's safety," said Mr Platt.

He said that RACV research had indicated that tyre maintenance was being neglected, with one in five cars on Victoria's roads found to have at least one tyre that was not roadworthy.

"Every time you drive there is wear and tear on your tyres and having the incorrect tyre pressure will escalate the effect on your tyres and put you, and your passengers, at risk."

The RACV reminds drivers to check tyre pressures when tyres are cold, and to follow recommended minimum PSI levels for their vehicle.