Aussie V8 Supercar fans celebrate

Posted by: Cal on 24/07/2013

Category: Racing

Recently some great news was announced for V8 supercar fans in Australia and abroad - those who just can't get enough of the squeal of car tyres on a corner, the scent of burnt rubber, and all the adrenaline, thrills and spills that are part and parcel of car racing.

As of July 22, the future of Queensland's V8 Supercar events is secured, at least for a further three years.

The V8 Supercars Championship is known for its spot as the premier motorsport category in Australasia, and is quickly expanding internationally.

Last year, almost 1.9 million people went to V8 Supercar events, which was an increase of 9.5 per cent on the year before. Throughout this year there will be a total of 14 championship events.

A whole lot of Aussies love to watch these cars race down the track, pull into the pit stop for their tyre maintenance every now and again and reach new limits thanks to the drivers' speed and skill.

Now, racing fans will be happy to know that Queensland's state government has secured a deal with V8 Supercars which means that the Gold Coast 600, Townsville 400 and Ipswich 360 events will definitely be continued until 2016.

"This is great news for tourism in Queensland and for motorsport fans across the State," said Queensland premier Campbell Newman.

"The agreement follows extensive negotiations between the Government and event organisers and is a good outcome for both sides."

V8 events in Queensland draw huge crowds. They bring racing-fans visitors to the state, which helps to boost the local economy through other tourism-related activities. Tourism minister Jann Stuckey commented that the major V8 events will help the state to reach its goal to double annual overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

The chief executive officer of V8 Supercars, James Warburton, expressed that he was glad the events will continue in Queensland.

He said that the Gold Coast is home to the company's headquarter, while South East Queensland is a major hub for racing teams.

2016 will be a significant year for the sport, marking 25 years of V8 racing history and success.

"Events of this magnitude are so much more than a motor race; they showcase cities and regions, provide much needed jobs, achieve a sense of community pride and encourage visitors," said Mr Warburton.