Pirelli gears up for another season of Formula 1 thrills

Posted by: Cal on 6/02/2013

Category: Racing

Pirelli hopes for a return to thrilling results this year, as it gears up for the 2013 Formula One season.

After last year's season started with an unprecedented run of seven different races producing seven different winners, it seems almost certain that race fans are in for a less entertaining start this season.

However, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembrey told Racer magazine on January 30 that new innovations in tyre technology would continue to challenge drivers.

Changes to Pirelli tyres to be seen on Formula One cars this year include a softer, more aggressive set of compounds designed to encourage teams to adopt two or three-stop strategies.

Structural adjustments to sidewalls and belt packs have also increased traction, meaning the tyres will have more stability under braking.

As a result, Pirelli estimates tyres will be 0.5 seconds per lap quicker than last year's models.

Mr Hembrey said that understanding the way F1 tyres interact with the surface has a big impact on his company's road car technology.

"There, you're looking for what happens in wet braking, anti-lock braking performance levels, traction in different and varying condition," said Mr Hembrey.

"These are all models that you can derive from F1 to apply into your other activities."